Jun 1, 2012

CrossFit for Hope

Our WOD next Friday will be CrossFit for Hope. A "Fight Gone Bad" style WOD.
CrossFit for Hope will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The goal is to raise $1.7M - one day's operating cost for St. Jude - to combat childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. Register to participate or find an athlete or affiliate to sponsor and join the fight.

We'll do the WOD on Friday, 08 June. If you want to help raise money, click on the link and register! As you type "Iron Major" for the affiliate, we should pop up as an option.


Chief said...

When is your next fundamental class?

rob said...

Chief - TBD. Our number of coaches as well as athletes dwindles in the summer. However, if there are 5 to 8 that want a class I can easily organize one. Are you with a group that wants a class?

Chief said...

I'll see if I can drum up some more people - thanks for the info.

Erin Anderson said...

I couldn't find iron major but I think the point is just to raise support.