Jun 26, 2012


WOD demo

Five Rounds for Time
Run 400 meters
30x box jump (24/20)
30x Wall ball (20/14)

WOD w/o equipment
Five Rounds for Time
Run 400 meters
30x box/wall/bench jump
50x squat


Ed said...

29:42. I used the Games standard of hips open while standing on top of the box - a bit slower, but that probably didn't matter after about round 1.

Starting to see larger crowds at the bubble in the morning, a good sign!

Andy M. said...

BS 1-1-1-1-1 to 315
Kelly @ 29:10

Box jumpers! Check out the quick vid below. Someone passed similar advice to me a while ago, and it has been very helpful. Aids cycle time and keeps the quads fresh...especially when BJs are paired with something like wall balls.

Well worth 2 mins of your time:

Jacob Heppner said...

12min AMRAP of:
3xHSPU, 5xPullups, and 7xT2B.
13rds + 3x HSPU + 4x PU.
Those of you who participated in Kelly are my heroes. It looked rough.

Mike Anderson said...

36:00 for Kelly.

I really slowed down on the last couple 400s.

Nice job to Ed and Andy for getting it under 30:00.

Rich M. said...

Greetings from Ft. Riley!!! I did this WOD on the airfield this morning...awesome to run with the sun coming up over the hills!

I was right at 24mins for this one.

One a good note...there is a pulse of CrossFit here.....not at 0530 like IMCF....since everyone is doing unit PT....but there is a functional fitness acceptance. The post pushes a Mission Essential Fitness (MEF) run through MWR, and centrally scheduled. Down side is there is limited capacity. There is one ok functional fitness facility but it books up for the MEF in the morning. The trick here is going to get units to accept functional fitness training, because from what I can tell the majority of PT that I see in the morning is the "old way" of "knee-benders, in cadence!" Laughable.

Anyway, Julie and I really miss the bubble. "Kelly" by oneself is a kick int the junk!

Rich M. said...

IF anyone is interested...here is some info on the Ft. Riley MEF.


It's kind of like CF...only not...but still pretty legit! Notice the circuits, they are pretty good. The good thing is that they are designed for units...so, there is unit cohesion built in. Down side....there is only one facility so the mornings are shot.

Good info though.

Noah said...

30:18 Rx'd. Wanted to makee sub 30 but that last set of wall balls really had my number.

Ross said...
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Ross said...

32:27, Rx'd holy cow, ok so this reminded me that a month of tdy with bad eating habits and irregular workouts followed by a 4 day weekend is were nothing physical is done aside from drinking some beers while fishing is not good for the body.. I was hurting...

Anthony said...

35:53 to do 3 of 5 rounds of Kelly. Next time should be much improved!

Bridget said...

Good WOD.LEgs are SMOKED!
I did a stair two step hop up since I am w/o Equipment & the 50 air squats. Relentless legs!!

Russ Ames said...

no gear option at track. 24:20 doing step ups . bjs are faster but no way in this am sun. all mental.