Jun 24, 2012


Double-Unders, max reps in 3 minutes.

Rest 3 minutes, then:

Run 5k, Row 5k, or Swim 1500yards.


Ed said...

DU - 112 in 3 minutes, couldn't find my rhythm with these this morning.

Swim 1500y - 36:46, slower than my pace has been recently, or maybe I counted wrong ... probably just slow.

Jacob Heppner said...

3min AMRAP of DU: 200 reps
5rds of:
5x BS @ 285#
5x MU
Time: 15:35

miser said...

Hot here today! Skipped the DU's and went straight to 5K---22:07 and felt it afterward.

Noah said...

DUs 219. Row 5k 19:48.

A whopping 7 seconds faster than last time we did this in February! Great to be back in the bubble after 3 weeks of TAD.

monroe said...

Noah, great job on the DU's! 147 for me on the DU's. followed with snatch 5x2 @ 115, Front Squat 3x3 at 145, push press 3x3 at 115. Wrapped up with mini metcon of 10 TTB, 10 box jumps, 3 rounds no rest. No juice today, week two of a cold that is kicking my A$$. I'll hit the 5k on the rower at home tonight after it cools down!

Matt B. said...

Did several sets of du after warming up. No clock in the Aberdeen gym and me without my watch. Seems I can always hammer out a big set of du on the first go (30-50) then either the arms our lungs hold me back from more than 10-20 on the following sets. Then burgner warmup, 4 sets of 4 hang power snatch at 75#, then 3 sets of 4 power snatch at 95#. Finished up with more pullups, dips, and du.
While discussing nutrition and crossfit in the airport I was reminded of a question I've wondered but never spent the time our energy to look up - why does the founder of crossfit not look like those he trains? Not that it bothers me or I mean to judge, but for someone with the reputation for being "all or nothing" and in your face to critics of crossfit and it's methods, it just seems strange. I googled some articles and came across lots of negative articles on crossfit, it's methods, and it's founder. Many just over emotional and dumb, but some with valid points. Neat to read counter points to what we've been taught and trained, consider them, and either reevaluate goals and programming or justify why something is the way it is.

Meghan Smith said...

Lost my DU mojo, so I don't have a clue what my reps were. If we're counting max whip marks for 3 min, I believe I'm at 17.

24:12 on the row. Not a PR, but I'm ok with it. Did it at home in a hot garage, and discovered I was getting a blister on my heel at around 4200m. Talk about a mental game!

Looking forward to the rest of the week.