Jun 21, 2012


The Bear Complex

Team WOD
The Buddy Bear WOD - A January 2010 IMCF special
Each member of a 3-person team will complete 4 rounds for time:
500m Row
50m Bear Crawl
AMRAP Bear Complex (95/65) [A Bear Complex is a Power Clean, Front Squat, Push-Press, Back Squat, Push-Press (see video)]

Buddy Bear WOD Notes:
The first member of the team will row 500m for time. Simultaneously, the second member of the team will complete as many 50m Bear Crawls and the third member of the team will complete as many Bear Complexes as possible…both until the first member is complete with the 500m row. When the first member completes the 500m row, all three members of the team will rotate. The rower will rotate to the Bear Crawl, the Bear Crawler to the Bear Complex, and the Bear Complex to the rower. Once each team member has completed four rounds of all three events, their team time will stop. Once time stops, each team will calculate the total number of Bear Crawls and Bear Complexes completed and multiply that number by 4 (seconds). Each team will then subtract that number of seconds from their team’s time to get their final time.
OK, so a little confusing, but you get the picture.

Show up tomorrow morning and join the fun. Brief at 0545, start at 0555.

A Bear Complex is a Power Clean, Front Squat, Push-Press, Back Squat, Push-Press (see video). The video states a number of rules which we will use as our rules. Don't worry about the rounds on the video etc. For our WOD one athlete does as many rounds as possible with the 95lb/65lb barbell while the other two row and bear crawl.

WOD w/o equipment
Fun with grass drills:
3 rounds for time:
100 feet bear crawl
100 feet broad jump
100 feet crab walk
100 feet spiderman pushup/crawl (see video)


Meghan Smith said...

REALLY disappointed to miss this--but hubby is back on days now so I'll see you all in the Bubble next week! Really looking forward to seeing some new faces come in.

On a side note, if you're looking for some good muscle failure, try a simple 10 min AMRAP of:
10 box jumps (park bench, hotel lounge chair--maybe not!)
10 pushups

Ed said...

Buddy Bear WOD this morning - had two teams and we all enjoyed the bear crawls the most to be sure.

Team Col B., Charles, and Ed finished in 32:21 and accumulated 113 reps of bear crawls and bear complexes combined. That's a calculated 7.5 minute reduction for an adjusted time/score of 24:51.