Jun 20, 2012


3x5 Turkish Get ups
Rest 3 minutes, then:
5 Rounds for time:
5x Back Squat (225/155)
50x Double Unders

WOD w/o equipment
Five Rounds for Time:
30x Squats
50x Double-Unders


Ed said...

Turkish Get-Ups at 24kg

Took a bit of time warming up with squats since my legs are a bit sore from the last few days.

10:56 at 205 lbs. I actually felt better in rounds 3-5, probably could have gone up to the Rx weight at 225.

We have a good team WOD planned for tomorrow, hope to see you there!

Jacob Heppner said...

4.39 as Rx.
Worked out with Rick this morning.
Rick: 6.49 used 185# and switched halfway and used 155# in order to get better depth.

Another good WOD, keep it up Ed.

Jake78 said...

10:19 as rx

Man Jacob's speed rope made me jealous on the double unders!!

Joel and Kevin scaled to 135 and did it around 9:00


Jacob Heppner said...

Jake, that rope has been "hanging out" on the dry erase boards for the past month. You are welcome to it.

Erin Anderson said...

13:41, 125# round one, 115# the others. Thx for the encouragement to try a heavier weight even though i could not get to the rx weight.

Ross said...

6:34 on the WOD RX

Andy M. said...

14:36ish Rxd after about 200 fof the world's ugliest DUs. I miss my old rope...that's my excuse,and I'm sticking to it.

Ross said...

IMCF - FT Hoood.

did not time the TGUs.

5 RTF -6:34..

Did the first three rounds in 3 minutes, then the DUs took control...