Jun 12, 2012



AMRAP 20 min:
20x Burpees
15x Goblet Squat (50/35 lb KB or DB)
Row 500m

WOD w/o equipment
AMRAP 20 min:
20x Burpees
30x Air Squat
Run 400m


Jacob Heppner said...

5 minutes continuous kb snatch 35# right hand.
5 minutes continuous kb snatch 35# left hand.
rest for 5-10 min
3rds of:
1 minute kbs 55# right hand.
1 minute kbs 55# left hand.

I will have to attempt today's WOD later today for "enjoyment." Really struggled on the grip strength during the KBS. I hear tomorrrow is Rich's last WOD....going to have to make it a memorable WOD.

Jake78 said...

I got 4 rounds, Joel got 3, Kevin got 4. Got a good little group going in the morning.


Greg M said...

4 rounds plus 20 burpees & 15 goblet squats & 100m run

Good WOD!!

rob said...

4rds + 200m row; good WOD.

Greg - I'm going to be at Ft. Hood later this month. Are you guys settled in yet?

Jake - Can we coordinate a start time for the group I have? That would give us a group of 5 to 10 depending on who shows up. I'm trying to get my group to start posting on the blog and perhaps with some encouragement all of them would start posting.

Jake78 said...


Joel, Kevin and I show up around 0515. Takes us about 15 minutes to set up, go over the basics of the exercises we're doing that day, and warm up. Usually start around 0530ish.

Just let me know in the bubble if you want to start together.


Rich M. said...

4 rounds burpees and squats into round 5. Had 15 seconds left, but didnt run. I suck. Great WOD.

Last day in the gym tomorrow!

Greg M said...

Rob, not settled in yet. We are living in our camper waiting for housing. Hoping to hear something soon. Let me know when you come so we can link up!!

monroe said...

I'm messing around with my own programming these days, emphasizing gymnastics and strength a la Rippetoe. In a ten day cycle I do MWF strength and Tue/Weds gymnastic metcons. Then I flip the scheme the next week. Today I did 100m of handstand walking, 5x5 standing press, then track work (4x200, 2x400, 800, 2x400, 4x200, 6:00 mile pace). Admittedly I overdid it for a strength day. Tomorrow I'll do 10 pistols, 10 pullups, 10 rounds for time. I'm building a base for the games next year, so I'll mix in some popular but goaty moves like DU's, TTB, box jumps and HSPU's. Then there's nutrition... Managed to remember to bring in a post workout meal of protien and carbs today.

Matt B. said...

Did yesterday's WOD with a group of seven from TRAC, including Rob. That was a blast! 23:08 myself, so when Rob runs past me, then comments he's slow, I guess that makes me...

Did today's WOD solo, though I met Mike afterwards and we were doing it at about the same time. Warmed up, practiced snatch-work, then did WOD as RX+, with a 55#KB. 3 rounds + B + GS + 150m.

rob said...

Matt B. - it doesn't make you anything except awesome because you are out there 'getting it done'! That's what counts and all we have to do is be better than we were yesterday, no matter where we are today...I couldn't catch Klauss! I enjoyed the lunch WOD with you guys and will join you from time to time. We could even make a push to get the lunch group to come once in a while in the morningswhen we have a big team WOD.

Mark said...

I am WOD'ing in the hotel. 3x 5 HSPU, 15 lunge each leg, 20 sit-ups. Then did a few sets of 5 weird pull ups due to the equipment available. Finally ran 4 flights of stairs 4.5 times. Total time about 12 minutes. Rob I am definitely in on big morning WODs (max once or twice a week.) Matt, I am happy there is at least 1 lunchtime crossfitter available to tell me to hurry up and push harder.