Jun 11, 2012



4 Rounds for Time:
10x Snatch (115/75)
800m Run

WOD w/o equipment
"Michael (modified)"
3 rounds for time:
Run 800m
50x Supermans (see video)
50x Situps


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Great PT with the battalion officers this morning. No circuit, no reps, no load, but definately put to the test our WCABMTD.

In honor of the beach landings at Normandy. Rode to the site in the back of a covered MTV (simulating approaching the beach in a landing craft). When the ramp lowered, we were greeted with IDF sims and machine gun fire. Our teams then had to assault the beach (a defunct ski slope on post).

We were required to negotiate wire obstacles (over, under, through - or breach the complex obstacles), evac a casualty, bring "supplies" up from the beachhead, call-for-fire, and high crawl assault up hill for approx 200m.

It was a good testament to the validity of functional fitness.

Ed said...

I did the 'modified' Michael as listed: 14:50.

Gearing for another sprint tri this weekend up in Wisconsin. Spent yesterday doing sprints up 'the hill' at High Cliff State Park on the bike. Planning to swim in Lake Winnebago this afternoon.

Jake78 said...

Bubble is nice in the morning!

Joel and I did the snatch version

I rolled with 65lbs, Joel with the Bar


Those 800s were slow!


rob said...

I did this at lunch with a work group from TRAC...22:27 as Rx'd. Squats were relative quick, the run was slow as usual. I hope to be start again in the mornings tomorrow.

Ross said...


Did for time:
21 Squat Clean (135LBS)
45 Back Ext
15 Squat Clean
30 Back Ext
9 Squat Clean
15 Back Ext
Time 11:22