Jun 10, 2012



Building the Muscle-Up
5 Rounds, rest 1 min between rounds:
10x Ring Pullups (chest to rings)
10x Ring Dips (as deep as possible)

WOD w/o equipment
Find a park with a swingset or other way to do pullups … then:
5 rounds for time
10 chest-to-bar pullups
20 dips (bench, wall, etc.)


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Clean and Jerk
2x5(115) - 5(125) - 5(135) - 5(165)


14:31 for WOD (CTB and dips)

Jacob Heppner said...

5 rds of 25x one arm kb swings (switch at top, not sure about the name), 15x HSPU, 5x 45# weighted pull-ups. Wasn’t sure if I was sweating this morning or just getting water on myself from the puddle I was doing HSPU in. Rowing felt realistic. Love the bubble nonetheless.

Meghan Smith said...

Chris is working nights for an exercise this week and next, so most WODs will be at home. Did:

250m row then
4 rounds of
5 power cleans @75#
5 push jerks @75#
5 front squats @ 75#
then 250m row

in around 10:15.

Ross said...

IMCF - FT Hood

Did the Centurion CF WOD today
Row 500M
10 - Power Clean @ Body Weight ( I scaled to 185)
15 KTE

24:58 for my time....

G. Scott said...

Did the WOD as Rx'd, except that after round 1 for dips and round 2 for pull-ups the sets were broken. A lot harder than it looked at first glance.