Jun 7, 2012



Snatch: 3-3-3-3 (use 50-60% of 1RM, focus on form and speed through the middle)
Rest … then:

5 Rounds for time:
Run 200m
15x GHD Situps

WOD w/o equipment
5 rounds for time:
Run 200m
25 "Rower"
(see video for about the first 10 seconds)


Ed said...

Great showing for CrossFit for Hope this morning! I'll be doing the "Hope" workout tomorrow morning - if anyone else wants to join in I'll be starting around 0545.

Congrats and good luck to all the ILE grads as you head back out to the force.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Today was "Hope"

165 as Rx'd

First time I've done a WOD like this (not done a FGB). It was a great WOD. I have conveniently set the bar low enough that I can improve.
Question for the group - how do I input this score into the "Hope" website so that I 1) get credit and 2) my sponsors can cough up their donations?

Jacob Heppner said...

This mornings WOD 8.03, followed by
3 rds of:
10 burpees, 50yd 70# kb farmer carry, 10 burpees, 50 yd 53# kb rack carry, 10 burpees, 50 yd 35# kb overhead carry. For anyone that doesn't have a whole lot of equipment this one is a killer.

Julie said...

Thanks Rob and Ed for all of your help this morning! Had multiple appts this morning and heading back to ortho. Not sure what is diagnosis just yet, but still can't apply any pressure. So frustrating! Thank you for helping me and being concerned!

rob said...

I scored Ed on "Hope" WOD and then did today's WOD. Doing any WOD alone is tough enough, but one like "Hope" is especially difficult - Ed did really well despite bing a Lone-Ranger. I then did today's WOD alone (unfortunately)...9:55. I think I could have been in the low 9's with someone to chase or push me. Good programming this week.

Ed said...

knocked out "Hope" this morning - a disappointing 216, no gas this morning

I am not a robot because I can read "framASS" and the number 12.

Greg E said...

I did Hope today. 187 RX this morning and then again this evening at 193 RX. Couldn't break 200... A great WOD and a good cause.

Ed said...

Scott and others - the hope.crossfit.com website now has the "submit your score" link open on the right hand side of their page. I just entered mine and had no issues.

Meghan Smith said...

Completely agree with the other comments about posting on the blog--it's good for all of us, and encourages the community--and the concept of working out together, even if it's only in small groups. Although I did Hope with a group, I was solo (no cheering/counting partner) and I know it made a big difference in my will to push through the pain.

For me, an "ok enough" 189...believe with a push I'd have gotten to 200 for sure. For my class, we had 4 athletes Rx, ranging from 147-237, and several with minor scaling ranging from 62 (1 round) to 200. Extremely proud to contribute to such a great organization.

See you in the bubble next week!