Jun 5, 2012


Programming Change:
This past weekend we announced that this Friday we would do "CrossFit For Hope" which is a fund raiser to raise funds for St. Jude's Children Research Hospital. To accomodate ILE graduation this Friday we are going to move it to Thursday.  If you were plannibng on doing it Friday we will still have graders avaliable on Friday to assist you.


AMRAP 16 Minutes:
Row 500 / Run 400
10x Box jump (24/20)
5x Deadlift (225/155)

WOD w/o equipment
AMRAP 16 Minutes:
Run 400m
10x Superman
10x Pistol Squats (alternate 5 on each leg)


COL B said...

My 14 y/o, 18, 19 y/o would like to do the Hope WOD
W us on Thursday. They have been to fundamentals and r fit. My oncern is that my 14 year old girl will have to scale the lifts as she only weighs about 75 pounds?
Any issues?
Vr, Dave

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

3x5 @ 255
3x3 @ 285
1 @ 315

WOD as Rx'd

4rds + 200m

Ed said...


Meg and I talked this morning, the women's weight that we'll use is 45 lbs. for the power snatch and thruster. If she only weighs 75, you may try either 35lb (the 'bella bars') or 25lb (short bar + 10 lbs).

Ed said...

5 rounds + 400m (finished about 4 sec before time ran out) I guess I should have run faster.

Mike Anderson said...

4 rounds + 400m.

I need to improve intensity on the run.

Nice work, Ed.

Anyone know of a good box around Ft Sam Houston?

rob said...

Not a good 'welcome back' WOD for me this morning. I really struggled through the whole thing, nothing flowed well. 4.9 rounds...needed 2 x more DLs for 5 rds complete. Great job Ed.

We'd like to get a good size group for tomorrow's Hope WOD. We'll pair up with a competitor and a grader. When that round is complete we'll switch roles. Plan on doing this one as a group instead of on your own or just with two of you; there is increased power when you join in the community of CrossFit.

Greg E said...

I modified a bit since I did dead lifts yesterday.

OHS 3x5: 95, 115, 135, 145(b), 145

5 RFT: 17:01
400 meter run
10 box jumps 24"
5 OHS @95

Greg M said...

Did Annie 5:44 as RX'd. PR by 46 secs

Congrats to all the grads on Friday!!

Meg Smith said...

Finished 4 rounds with 1 sec to spare, using the row option. Col B, look forward to meeting your family. We will make it work!!