Jun 3, 2012


Run 10k or Row 10k or Swim 2500 yards




Amber said...

Will someone remind me approximately how long a 10K row takes...assuming average pace?

Meghan Smith said...

Amber--50-70 minutes. :-)

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Great news: Hohenfels now has C2 rowers!

Bad news: They're in the globo-gym and not in our prison gym.

42:59 row

First time on a rower since ILE graduation last summer.

@Kyle Beattie - yes, Hohenfels, Germany. And, yes, being OPFOR rocks.

Ed said...

2500y swim: 46:12

That's 50 laps (down and back) in case anyone's hurting on math this morning.

Jacob Heppner said...
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Jacob Heppner said...

20min AMRAP of 3 Pullups, 6 Burpees, 9 Air Squats, and a 50 meter run. With a 25# weighted vest. 18 rds + 3 pullups. 50 meter sluggish jog by the end.

Rich M. said...

Julie and I are still in Texas! Today we did a WOD at Woodward CrossFit in Pflugerville. Team WOD, in teams of 2:
Run 800 (both partners run)
Then as a team, do
100 pull ups total
100 ring dips total

Then run 800 m

My partner, Curtis and I did it in 19:31.

Julie rocked this with her partner but I dont know her time.

See you guys Friday!

Greg E said...

13 rounds + 2 on bench @ 135
With a continuously running clock do one bench press the first minute, two bench press the second minute, three bench press the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.

10 minutes rest

10 Rounds For time: 11:39
7 GHD, 14 CFS PUs

Ross said...

IMCF - HOOD this month.

We had a limited time to hit the gym today so we modified the Centurion CF WOD for the day.

200 M Row
7 OHS (45lb)
5 BJ

My HSPU were against the wall, but I was not completely vertical but getting there. 9:59 with Noah finishing within 1 or 2 seconds of me.