May 30, 2012

053112 Thursday

Turkish Get-Ups

WOD w/ equipment:
5 rounds for time -
5 Turkish Get Ups (35#/55#)
10 K2E
200 m run

WOD w/o equipment:
5 rounds for time -
200 m run
25 mountain climbers
25 sit ups


Meghan Smith said...

19:41 @25# for the TGU, rowing 250m. Probably could have done 30# on the left arm, but definitely not the right!

Looking forward to a Team WOD tomorrow. If you've got feedback from this month's programming, please let me know!

Ross said...

Seperated the TGU from the WOD this morning. Did one set of 5 on each side with 53lb KB and two sets of 5 on each side with the 35 lb KB.

For the WOD did 5 RFT
5 (each Side) KB Snatches at 53lbs
10 KTE
200m Run
10:16 for the time.

What is with the authentication pictures now being used on the blog, are hackers that big of threat to IMCF?

Noah said...

What is this world coming to that we now have to verify a picture of random numbers? Are robots continuing to probe our cyber-defenses in hopes of posting bogus times and scores?

Noah said...

Did the TGUs at 35# apart from the WOD, 12 per side then subbed KB snatches (5 per side) for the WOD.

10:26, chasing Ross the entire way.

Kyle Beattie said...

Did the WOD w/o equipment. 4 count Mountain Climbers

Finished 16.47.

Thanks for putting up WOD's w/o equipment. Love it.

Ed said...

21:47 @ 53lb KB for the TGU, definitely got a bit heavy (or simply less controlled due to fatigue) by rounds 4-5.