May 24, 2012

052512 Friday


Run 3 x 800 m with 1 min rest between


Swim 5 x 100 m with 1 min rest between


Row 5 x 500 m with 1 min rest between

Report all scores


Chuck Anderson said...

Is the Bubble on holiday hours tomorrow?

Meghan Smith said...

Chuck, probably not until Monday. Seems they only go to holiday hours on the specific day, even if it's a training holiday.

If anyone missed the 21 Gun Salute and wants to do it tomorrow, my 0930 class will kick off around 0945. Come join us!

nutt said...

So glad I checked the blog for this juicy piece of info, now I will not sleep thinking about this wod. Seems like a smoker. Happy Memorial Day to all!

Rich M. said...

I chose to swim. Swim time 9:39, plus the 4 minute breaks. Total time, 13:39.

I then went and worked on deadlifts, in sets of 3 up to 265.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Greg E said...

21-15-9 for time @ 7:34
Cleans @ 135
Ring dips

Worked out at crossfit Richardson in Dallas. Great box!

Mac said...

My tribute WOD...either I'm feeling tired, or this was harder than I expected:
21x pullups
21x 95lb thrusters
21x burpee BJs (24 inches)
21x lunges (pairs)
21x 315lb DLs