May 22, 2012

052312 Wednesday

Push Jerk

3-3-3 Push Jerk

Rest 3 min, then:

3 Rounds for Time -
25 Abmat Sit Ups
50 Double Unders
600 m run


Rich M. said...

A word of caution! Notice in the video, he focuses on keeping his upper arms parallel to the ground, and his wrists bent, as if he were racking for a front squat. For general discussion, I don't think this is necessary, nor is it good as efficient for a "pressing" motion overhead. A better set-up would be for his forearms to be slightly more perpendicular to the floor, his wrists fairly engaged (not as bent backward) and ready to press. Coach Bergener says "elbows down and out". Pressing with the wrists as he does under load, may cause addition strain on the wrists that is going to hurt later (trust me!) The Burgener videos for jerk/ push jerk progressions on the CF main site demo this a bit more effectively! If anyone disagrees, please let me know.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

In preparation for Memorial Day, did the WOD for Warriors with the staff officers.

39:58 as Rx'd with Warrior 5

Greg E said...

I continue to be humbled by the double under. Thanks for the coaching sir.

I did a mix of singles at 3:1 with some misc doubles.

Meghan Smith said...

Worked up to 95# on the PJ. Should have tried 100/105#.

16:59 with some serious hobbling on the runs. Trying to push through some bad plantar fasciitis--any tips?

Rich M. said...

11:17 RXd. I worked up to 155PJ.....i think I could have gotten 165....but was by myself. Anytime Greg.

Greg M said...

Did a WOD created by some crazy lady with a nice snatch.

14 min AMRAP

25 Air Squats
25 Abmats
25 KBS @ 1.5 pooh

7 rounds complete.

This was a good one to do at the campsite with a 35-45 mph wind.

Rich, come on man.....

Ross said...

Missed the WOD this morning for the wonderful ARMY APFT. First one since starting CF last fall and I have to say I was very happy with the results. PU and SUs were never an issue and stayed right were I expected them to be. Took 38 seconds off my last run and ran faster than I have since my first knee injury back in 2001. Mind you I am not blazing fast.

Disclaimer - I do run 3 miles three days a week with the dog, but I have always done that. However, since starting CF I have cut out all the other "traditional" cardio I was doing 5 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes, on top of running with the dog and realized that I may have been wasting my time for the past 11 years and should have become a believer a long time ago. Body Weight and Body Fat also decreased and I am still not as dedicated as I should be with my nutrition. Sorry for the long post just happy with the resluts and thought if anyone was still on the fence or unsure if the CF stuff really works, well it does for me.

Greg M said...

Awesome job Ross!!

Mark Weaver said...

Jarod & I conducted the WOD for Warriors today due to scheduling conflicts tomorrow.

BLUF: It's a helluva workout.

We scaled the Firemans Carry Back Squat to the bar with weight as trying to squat each other was difficult at best.

Jumping over the 20" box and then executing the burpees both before and after the squat wore us out.

Great workout, took somewhere like 45 mins to complete.

monroe said...

Pressing with the bar off axis can cause injury. Jerking is another matter. The priority in the rack position is a deep position on the delts. Many lack the anatomy or flexibility to have a deep rack and grip simultaneously. Because you are pushing the body down more than pressing the bar up there is opportunity to reposition the grip before it assumes the full load of the bar. Elbows down and out with the bar on axis with the forearm is the ideal position, and we should mob toward that.
Meg, you have to let it heal. I had PF for two years before I gave up and took time off to heal. Motrin is not rest. Ice is not rest. It took me six weeks to heal, then I went to work on mobilizing the many layers of muscle and fascia in my feet, heel cords, and calves. Lots of trigger points! No issues since. Good luck.

Jake78 said...

Did Helen:
3 rounds for time:
400m run
21x 1.5 pood KB
12 Pullups

Did it in 10:36 that's a PR for me!


Arod said...

Since I missed yesterday I started with doing yesterday's WOD (scaled FS to 115) - 6:30 min Then completed today's WOD at 15 min. Did split jerks to start at 115 and during the WOD did a mix of DU/SU.

Mac said...

Don't know who put this one up on the white board, but I enjoyed it in the mid-day sun:
5 rds
10x ball slams (used 20lb medball)
10x ring dips
10x ball pushups
10x TTB


Mike Anderson said...

Push Jerk 165-185-205
Should have been higher but I lacked explosion in my hood. I have work to do.
17:40 for the WOD.
Subbed SU for DU and 750m row for the run as my calf heals.

Mike Anderson said...

hood? Hips, explosion in my hips!
Apparently I have work on my typing to do as well.

Mike Anderson said...

Push Jerk: 165-185-205
Should have been more, but I didn't have any hip explosion. I have some work to do.

17:40 for the WOD
Subbed SU for DU and 750m Row for the run while my calf heals.

Finished with backsquat:
225x8 - 3 sets