May 20, 2012

052112 Monday

Wall Climbs


75 Double Unders

Rest 3 min, then:
18 min AMRAP
5 Wall Climbs
10 Box Step Ups (20" w/ 35# / 24" w/ 45#)
15 KB Swings (16kg / 24kg)


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

75 DUs @ 58 secs. A new PR of 63 unbroken

METCON @ 5 rds even

Ed said...

I didn't time the DUs, but it was in groups of 3-10 with the exception of one string of 30 in the middle.

6 rounds + 5 wall walks + 8 step-ups for the METCON. Good WOD!

Meghan Smith said...

6 KB swings shy of 6 rounds. My shoulders are screaming! :-)

Missed having Greg there to yell at me, but I made a point of getting that KB overhead every time just in case!

Alex E. said...

5x5 Back Squat at 205 with Dan and James at the Culde.

With lots of gratuitous feet videos to check our cheats.

Then 21-15-9 GHD and paralletes pushups.

Alex 4:28
Dan 4:00

Mark Weaver said...

DUs were unglorious today.

5 rds plus one wall walk. Yet another "that doesn't look so bad" - until the wall walks after KB swings.

Ross said...

DUs - yeah I did them and that is all I can say about that..

I got through one round and realized I had a failure to start on the clock so I reset the clock and then did 6 full rounds in 17:31.

Mac said...

46 seconds for the DUs, which got the heart pumping and the shoulders prepped. 5 rds + 5 wall climbs and 10 step ups...just short of 6 rds. Good shoulder work...good pain.

Arod said...

Bad day for DUs today, but a generous mix of SU/DU were accomplished. 7 1/2 rounds for the WOD, weighted step ups a bit tougher than it looks..

Rich M. said...

Didn't work on DUs. I did extra mobility instead. Then 7 rounds. That was aweful!

Greg M said...

Miss you too Meg!

Paige said...

7 rds + 4 wall walks.....those were tough!

G. Scott said...

5 rounds plus 4 wall climbs. Double unders continue to vex me. But I will string together double digits soon.