May 17, 2012

051812 Friday


Team “Cindy”

As a 2 person team, alternate rounds of “Cindy”:
20 min AMRAP
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

While one is doing the round of “Cindy”, other is holding plank position (first 10 minutes) or wall sit/deep free standing squat (second 10 minutes). Switch roles after each completed round.

To be briefed at 0550, group 3-2-1 Go! at 0600


Greg M said...

Jacque and I will be doing this from our campsite!

Rich M. said...

Take care of yourself Greg. We'll miss you.

Rich M. said...

Meg, are you teaching a class at 0900? I can bring a check when I teach the A910 elective.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

In search of applying IWCABTMD, did officer PT at the Graf obstacle course this morning. Although we did not do the course for time today, it was fun and "entertaining".

Meghan Smith said...

Team Meg & Wade got through 19 rounds and 9 squats shy of our 20th. We went with hand release pushups (except my last 3 rounds were traditional chest to ground). Thanks Wade!

Rich, I'll get there around 0915.

Mac said...

If you don't have a partner, and want a good Friday "kick in the pants", give this a try (adapted from yesterday's mainsite):
5 rds
10x 135lb power cleans
15x 20lb wallball shots
200m run


Safe travels to all who are taking off this weekend, and if you are headed to Bragg I'll see you there!

james said...

Farewell to all the IMCFers out there. Special thanks to Mark, Rob, Greg M, Rich M, Kay W, Dave H, Neal, Alex, Dan, Meg and Elizabeth who have contributed to the community in big ways. I will miss it. Safe travels to those PCS's and deploying.


Greg M said...

We were not able to do Cindy this morning. The extended family wanted to eat breakfast together. So we did an afternoon WOD.

3 rounds

10 x box jumps
10 x KBS
10 x WallBalls
10 x Abmats
400m Run

We have our home gym traveling with us, we have everything except our C2 rower and the Pullup bar.

Mike I am going to try that WOD tomorrow

Gary said...

Safe travels and best of luck to you all. I have enjoyed checking in on the folks I remember from our time at IMCF, but it appears that other than Noah and Ed that will be coming to a close.