May 16, 2012

051712 Thursday

Burpee mobility

WOD: Choose one
150 Burpees for time


"Karen": 150 Wall-Balls for time (20# to 10' line / 14# to 9' line)


Mike Anderson said...

Greg M's last day in The Bubble. I'll be there!

Meghan Smith said...

Looking forward to some "fun" tomorrow. I'm hoping to kick off around 6. Who's in?!?!?

Greg M said...

I love Burpees!!!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Chose the burpees b/c 1) I don't like burpees and 2) I could do it as Rx'd (equip limitations)


Still slow, but about 1 min faster than I remember from last time.

Ed said...

Burpees this morning - 11:32.

My target was to exceed my Games output in the first 7 minutes, for the games I had 93 reps. Today I was at 101 at the 7 minute point. Good times.

Best of luck to all the SAMSters graduating this morning!

monroe said...

What a wonderful morning. Karen in about 7:something, I think. Finished just after Erin (good work Erin!) My personal thanks go out to all in this graduating class who contributed so much to this community. IMCF grew in so many ways while you all were here in ways that strengthened the program for those who will follow. Thanks and fair winds and following seas to Rich, Greg, James, Steve, and your faimilies, to name but a few.

Meghan Smith said...

12:32 for the burpees. Not a PR, but definitely the best group to go with-Debbie, Amber, Rich, Wade, and Greg! Way to slay a dragon, Amber!

Going to miss working out with many of of luck to the SAMS graduates and families!

Ross said...

Made up yesterday's work out - Why?
1. Because I missed it
2. Because after playing golf in the sun and drinking beer - Burpees would not have been good for anyone around me this morning...

7:56 - I hate DUs.
3 Rounds for time:
10 SDHP (65/95)
50 Double Unders

Paige said...

7:49 for wallballs because I just wasn't in the mood to flop on the nasty floor this morning.

Congrats to all the SAMS grads today!

Erin Anderson said...

Congrats SAMS graduates! Thank you for all your encouragement, patience as we learned cf and friendship! Thank you for including family members into the community because if you didn't I probably would have stuck with dog walking!

rob said...

Congratulations all SAMS grads; you will be missed.

IMCF(FWD) @ Colonial CrossFit
12min AMRAP
7 x clean and jerk (135)
7 x barbell burpees
6rds + 7 c&j

rob said...
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Ross said...

Maybe I missed it or it hasn't been put out yet, but I heard talk of IMCF doing the WOD next week for RWB (i think that was the one). Are there any specific instructions for signing up? What is the website?

rob said...

Ross - I'm still TDY, but I think Meg had the details for the RWB WOD.

Meghan Smith said...

Ross, Sorry--for some reason my post about it this morning didn't come through. We're doing the WOD on Thursday as a Team WOD since a lot of people will be heading out Friday for the long weekend/block leave. You can go to and order a shirt, but there isn't specific fundraising outside of that.

We'll put more specifics up about it this weekend.

Greg M said...

10:35 did the burpees. Good push from the group. I did 107 @ the 7 min mark, which was 9-10 more than I did on the open.

Thank you for all for the wishes. I will truly miss the MCF and the community, it has changed my families life and wiped away our fears. I now look forward to the unknowns. We will miss everyone!!

G. Scott said...

10:35 for Karen. Why Karen? Because I wanted to see what 150 wallballs was like.

Ross said...

Thanks Meg