May 15, 2012

051612 Wednesday

Update for the A910 support - here are the coaching teams as they now stand.

Friday 0800 - PI: Rich, AIs: Jacob, Mike W.
Monday 1300 - PI: Mike A.; AIs: Chris R., Chuck A.

SDHP - check out Monday's video for review


10 Free standing hand stand attempts

rest 3 minutes, then:
3 Rounds for time:
10 SDHP  (65/95)
50 Double Unders


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Max "free standing" handstands was not much more than 5 sec. Used the wall to set-up and then backed off. Not a developed skill yet, but good practice and raised kinesthetic awareness.

METCON - 7:53 as Rx'd

scottnkelly9901 said...

Does anyone have contact with a Crossfit Kids affiliate? There isn't one near here (Hohenfels, DE), but I've managed to plant the seed in my oldest son. I can follow the programing from CFKHQ website; however, I need some coaching pointers to start. Specifically, skill transfer exercises that he can use to develop skills.

Ed said...

5:24 Rx'd. Great group this morning with Greg, Debbie, Meg, Mike, John, Soraya, Amber, Adam, ... sure I missed a couple.

Handstands were ugly, started off with the wall as a crutch - got better with those and then did a series of youtube-worthy fails on free-standing ones.

Greg M said...

5:58 as Rx'd. I agree with Ed, great group this morning. I worked on HS as well, it was getting better by the end, I think I may have had a few last 2-3 seconds. I was working on my combat rolls as I fell to the ground.

Last day in the bubble for me tomorrow.

Meghan Smith said...

Tapped into my gymnastics skills (from when I was 6) and managed to hold a few handstands. I even tried to make the walking around look intentional. Definitely see why our mentor Mark Monroe has seen encouraging results in his HSPU after conquering the HS.

8:25 for the WOD. Definitely would have been faster if I'd been able to string my first round of DU. It was AWFUL!!! I had numerous 1 reps, no-reps, and got no more than 6 in a row! Rounds 2/3 were 25-35 at a time. Hrmph. Great group!

Jay Luck said...

Page as soon as you left I actually hit 15 double unders in a row so I want a redo!!

Paige said...

Good job Jay! I could use a redo on this one DU love today. 6:56

Julie said...

I won't be in tomorrow Greg, but I will see you at graduation. I still want to take the time to say good bye to you, James, Rob and all others who have helped me in the gym. I wish you all luck in your next assignments and I will miss you all pushing me in the gym. I will be around in the gym until the middle of June to see the rest of you guys!

Rich M. said...

4:29 RXd this morning. I ran 2 miles first so I didn't work on Handstands.

Julie and I are going to still be around for a couple of weeks, so hopefully we get the chance to say farewell to everyone.

Greg E said...

7:02 RX

today was not a good day for DUs

Noah said...

Made this up the following day...5:33 Rx'd.