May 11, 2012

051212 Saturday

We're in need of some instructors and assistants for the second round of A910 electives on the 18th and 21st of May. This would be a great opportunity for some of the new L1s to share their knowledge or for some of the more experienced folks to "get another rep." If you missed out on L1 training but are willing to assist, we've got openings as well.

Here are the dates and times:
1 x PI, 2 x AIs for Friday 18 May at 0800
1 x PI, 2 x AIs for Monday 21 May at 1300

Post to comments or e-mail Ed directly -, I'd like to have the teams built by Wednesday and we can have a refresher/coaching session if the teams are interested.


Rich M. said...

I can help coach on both days. There are lots of new L1s out there....would imagine a few could help coach this elective.

Chuck Anderson said...

1300 on Monday is good for me