May 10, 2012

051112 Friday

"Grand Finale Team WOD"

It's that time of year to prepare for so many to move on to new adventures.  Join us for a big team WOD to send our SAMS friends off in style before next week's graduation.

WOD to be briefed at 0540, kicking off at 0545:

In a team of 4:

2 team members run an 800 (together) while the other two chip away at:

20 lengths of the bubble bear crawl
50 Wall Walks
75 Toes to Bar
100 KB Swings (16kg/24kg)
125 Box Jumps (20/24)
150 burpees
200 metersx4 Farmers Carry (15#per hand women/25#per hand men)
300 squats

When the first 2 get back from the 800, they take over chipping away while the original 2 go for an 800 (together).  Upon their return, the team of 4 finishes the remaining events.  Upon completion of the 300 squats, the team of 4 goes for an 800m run (together).


Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

Sorry I'm gong to miss it, got my toes cut on yesterday.

Thinking of you all though!

Greg M said...

I will be there!!

Mike Anderson said...

I'll be there, too.
Wouldn't miss it!

Adam - that must have been a big knife to cut on your toes! Heal up.

Doug said...

Contest: on each of the past 3 days, someone has walked into the bubble in the afternoon and asked 'hey, is there a regular gym somewhere?' We decided today that we want a standard answer. If you've got a great response (that's not too harsh/sarcastic!), post it - we'll start using the best as our standard response. Thanks!

james said...

I found this on mainsite

In case you didn't know, it's IMCF's Birthday today. A big shout out MG Cardon, Mark Monroe and the other trail blazers who got it started. If you open the link you will see that we also have a debt to Operation Phoenix who put some of the equipment in the bubble.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Decided against breaking this WOD up into an individual effort.

Did "Running with Annie"

a SLOW 64:23

Pull-ups killed me after yesterday's max effort(s) and those that have been fortunate enough to experience Hohenfels know that running a mile here can be quite the challenge! Nevertheless, a great WOD with which to end the week.

To those about to leave the Bubble, good luck and God speed.

Greg M said...

Great Team WOD good job Meg!!

Team - Rich, Mike, Erin and Greg


Last Friday for me in the bubble. :( Only four days in the bubble until we leave.

Mark Weaver said...

I won't lie, I wasn't gonna be upset if I missed this - BUT - Reed showed up and we split this up.

40 min even, not our greatest WOD but the team approach kept us both honest - Great programming!

Julie said...

Just wanted to say good bye to all those who are leaving soon! Sorry I didn't make this WOD today, but thought it would be best for Rich to go since he is the SAMS graduate. :) It has been a blast in the bubble and I will miss everyone. Good luck on your next assignments!


Noah said...

Team Ross and Noah...41:40 splitting everything in half. The bear crawl into the wall walk was the worst part.

Noah said...

James, Rich, Greg (and all others leaving us this month) has been a true pleasure getting to know you all and reaping the benefits of your contributions to IMCF these past two years. Even though our workout schedules were never aligned, I am a better man because of the dedication you all put into this affiliate. 3..2..1...PCS!

Mike Anderson said...

In his final comments today, did anybody else hear Director Petraeus tell us to be good leaders we need to be CrossFitters? He said we have to be able to sprint, jump, throw, run long distances, etc. He didn't specifically mention bear crawls, but I think we should have invited him to the bubble this morning.

Ross said...

Good luck to everyone leaving.. Thanks for all your work and support and helping in getting me hooked...

wow been a while since I did a good chipper.. I am smoked... Good thing Marine pilots are good at higher math..

Arod said...

Good luck to everyone leaving, remember its a small army and I am sure we will all cross paths again.

This morning myself, chaplain, COL B, and mike came in at 31:39.

Meghan Smith said...

31:something. :-) Had a good time with the team chipping away at some "fun" events. I chose to run first to get it out of the way which was good, but then set me up for wall walks. Oops.

FYI, we're looking at doing a team picture on Tuesday at 0630. If you WOD early, link up with Erin and she's take your picture to photoshop you in. No pressure, Erin, but can we get afternoon people floating into the pic, too?

rob said...
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rob said...

IMCF(FWD) Ft. Lee - This week we worked out at Colonial CrossFit instead of the non-friendly functional fitness gyms of Ft. Lee. Colonial CF opened last weekend and we were the first athletes to break in their equipment. They've got a great set up in a business park with pleanty of space outside.

Friday Team WOD
Teams of 2 complete the following for time:

In each of the 4 exercises, as soon as one athlete gets tired, switch.

• Accumulate 100 total pushups while opposite partner holds plank.
• Run 400 meters together with med ball.
• Accumulate 100 total wall ball shots (20/14). Other partner holds legs at 6 inches off the floor in the prone position.
• Run 400 meters together with med ball.
•Accumulate 100 kettle bell swings (55/35). Other partner holds hand stand position against the wall (sub: L-sit).
• Run 400 meters together with med ball.
• Accumulate 100 box jumps (24/20). Other partner hangs on pullup bar.
• Run 400 meters together with med ball.

Erin Anderson said...

Meg, would 4:30 work for the afternoon crew. We will see where my photoshop skills are at.