May 9, 2012

051012 Thursday

Choose 5 exercises from below to determine your max reps at that station.  You can make 2 attempts per exercise if desired.  Rest between exercises should be minimal to maintain intensity, not to exceed 2 minutes.  You can leave an exercise and come back to it for a second attempt.  Report your max score per exercise.

Max Pullups--kipping, butterfly, or dead hang.  Attempt requires chin reaching height above the bar, full extension of arms at the bottom, and continued grip on the bar (as in, no touching the box to reset hands).  Count is based on continued movement in a pull up.  No resting in the hang position.  If you butterfly first and smoothly transition to kip, that is acceptable.

Max Abmat Sit ups--full extension of the arms overhead to touching the toes at the full upright position.  No resting at the top or bottom.

Max Push Jerk (135/95)--can be from the rack.  Each repetition requires full extension at the top, with minimal rest in the front rack position (no more 3 seconds).

Max Rep Double Unders

Max Body Weight Back Squat--from the rack.  Full extension of the hips at the top, reaching to or below 90 at the bottom, with minimal, reasonable rest at the top.

Max Air Squats--full extension of the hips at the top, reaching to or below 90 at the bottom, with minimal rest at the top (no more than 3 seconds).

Max Rep Toes to Bar--requires touching the bar with both feet at the top and continual movement in the T2B execution (does not require strung together T2B).

Max Rep Wall Ball (20/14 to 9ft line)--requires ball to hit 9ft line with hips below 90 at the bottom.  Continual movement required.

Max Rep Muscle Ups--requires full extension of arms at the bottom and minimal rest at the bottom (no more than 3 seconds).

Max Rep Ring Dips--requires elbows to break 90 with full extension at the top and continual movement.



scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Pull-ups - 25 reps (new PR)
Push Jerk - 12 reps
Abmat Situps - 64 (I now have an Abmat!)
Double Unders - 57 (second attempt but new PR)
BW Squat - 16 reps (second attempt)

Ed said...

Muscle-ups: 7 (new PR)
ABMAT: 173
BW Squat: 22
Pullups (kipping): 33
Ring Dips: 15

For future programmers, this was a fun WOD, but I would maybe add a max time (3 minutes possibly) for a few of the exercises (ABMATs, air squats) because I think there's some possibility for injury on movements that you really can slow down a little bit and just keep going.

Meg Smith said...

Pull Ups: 16, definitely could have done more if I could have reset my kip
Push Jerk: 5
Double Unders: 37 and a healthy whip mark
Abmats: 205
Ring Dips: 3

Definitely agree that I should have set time limits on the air squats and abmats...good lesson learned.

LAST CALL FOR PALEONOLA...a bunch of you said you want it before SAMS graduation, but I haven't seen orders. Please email me now :-) so I can get the order in before people leave town.

Mike Anderson said...

BW Squat: 25
Push Jerk: 17
ABMAT: 135
Pull Ups: 20
Ring Dips: 14

A fun WOD - concur with Ed on time cap for some events.

Nice job, Ed on the Muscle Ups!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Mac said...

Deviated a bit from today's WOD. Last night I did Tuesday's (WB shots, TTB, 200m run) in 13:30, so this morning did:
10 rds
5x 95lb OHS
5x ring dips
5x pullups

Ross said...

1. Pullups (Kipping) -20
2. Ab Mat Sit Ups - 60 (probably could have done a few more but honestly got bored)
3. Push Jerk (135) - 20
4. DU - 30 straight and kicked the cable also ended up with a nice welt this morning from warmups - awesome..
5. Air Squat - 60 until I noticed I started to pause on the top of the extension so I stopped.

Debbie said...

PU 15 a PR for me
BS @ 145# 10 could have done more not sure why I dropped the weight?

PJ 10 @ 95#

Ab Mat 150 I just stopped and agree a time limit would have been helpful.
DU I have lost all ability to do them! Only got 20ish after many tries. Must get my DU's back!!!

Doug said...

Pullup - 29 (disappointment - shoulders are sore)
BW Squat - 16 (happy with this one)
Ring Dips - 12
Abmat SU - 200 and quit
DU - 11 (haven't done these in a month and it showed!)

G. Scott said...

Pullup - 21
Bw squat - 2 (not happy, but a PR)
DU - 9 (PR)
T2B - 16 (grip was weak link)
Ring dips - 8 (embarrassingly bad)
Thanks to Doug for the coaching (for today and all the others)

Paige said...

Pull-ups (kipping) - 23
95# Push Jerk - a whopping 4
BW squat - 7 (never done that much weight before)
DU - only got 30 for my max on 2 tries
TTB - 21
Ring Dips -3

All those but DU were a PR for me - liked this WOD!