May 8, 2012

050912 Wednesday

GHD Sit-up

3x10 HSPU
3x10 GHD Sit Ups


Run 4x800 m with 1 minute between runs


Swim 10x50 m with 1 minute between swims


Row 8x400 m with 1 minute between rows

Report your slowest split


Matt B. said...

You guys have been ordering the Rx ropes pretty consistently. Do you definitely prefer then over other brands like Again Faster or Buddy Lee? Thinking about upgrading from my home depot rope. Btw, haven't been in since my son Noah was born on the 4th and I'm at home. I'm doing lots of cleaning, but not with weights. I do focus on technique for squatting down to pick something up though.

Greg E said...

Matt congrats on the birth of your son.

I love RX ropes... It may be mental but for me it helps kowing that my coordination is holding me back and not my equipment.

Greg M said...

Great work on HSPU, was finally able to do all sets with a kip. Thank you Lindsey Smith for coaching me on them!!

Then did 4 x 800m with Erin and Soraya


Guess I should have worked harder at the beginning

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

4x800m run


Uphill on way out, but the return downhill did not make up for the uphill fatigue. Positive note, times were relatively consistent:


Meg Smith said...

Good HSPU several without kipping using 1 abmat and the thin part of a second.

Did the swim (12x50 instead of 10) and reduced my rest to about :40 between the first 5 50s and :30 between 6-12.

#11 was my fastest at :34 with #2 my slowest at :37, with the other ten at :36.

Meg Smith said...

Oh, and Matt B, love my rope (although I'm still adjusting to it) and CONGRATS on Noah's arrival!

Mark Weaver said...

HSPU and GHD SUs gave an opportunity to discuss scaling opportunities with two new CF'ers.

Did the 4x 800s:
3:28 (Slowest)
3:18 (Fastest)

Ross said...

Matt Congrats on the new boy....

HSPUs did OK, got through them but had to chip away on the last set, scaling with ab mat under head.

Did the 4x 800s (times came out how I thought first and last always seem to be the slowest for me middle times get better):
3:23 (Slowest)
3:17 (Fastest)

Greg M said...

Been pretty slow in the bubble the last couple of mornings. I think there might be some alarm missing or snooze button hitting. I know a certain someone who happens to like the wrong school in Kansas keeps missing :(


My prove I am not a robot word

ounitn smart

You are ounitn smart if you make it into the bubble without hitting the snooze button.

Greg M said...

Matt B, congrats on the new dismount.

I prefer the Rogue SR-1 to the RX ropes. For me it has a longer handle and I feel I am able to do more work in the wrist instead of my shoulders. I had an RX rope and when I changed, I went from 5-10 double unders to 46 in the first attempt.

Scott said...

JAG PT WOD today for this one.

we did 8 x 400. 18:50 total time with rests.

1. 1:31 Slowest
2. 1:30
3. 1:28
4. 1:28
5. 1:30
6. 1:26
7. 1:27
8. 1:24 Fastest

Looks like I went out to slow.

Erin Anderson said...

4:01 for slowest time. 3:41 best, so pretty consistent. Consistently behind Soraya &Greg. My watch said 3:56 but added 5 seconds for slow finding the start button one round.
Extra practice on the hand stand pu are paying off, Deb &Meg!

Arod said...

another great WOD, i decided to do the swim so i keep working things that i am not comfortable with. Slowest lap was 58 secs.

Paige said...

I rowed today because I pretty much NEVER do the row.

1:54 was my slowest 400m, 1:38 was my fastest

Mike Anderson said...

I worked out this afternoon and decided to do the row to help heal my gammy leg.

8x500m; slowest rd was 1:48.3

I'm not sure who the Pittsburgh State fan is that Greg M is talking about.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!