May 7, 2012

050812 Tuesday


3x5 Hang Cleans (70% of 1RM)
3x5 Power Cleans (70% of 1RM)

The point is to load the bar with enough weight to ensure it doesn’t fly out of your hands, but give you enough ability to work strictly on technique and execution of the quick pull.  Try using the Mark Monroe’s “Pull, Pull, Clean” to practice getting your elbows up fast enough to slide them under the bar at the top of the pull.  This is NOT designed as a progression of weight.  Load the bar and work the same weight for the 3 sets of HC before reloading for 3 sets of PC.

rest 3 minutes THEN:

5 rounds for time:
12 Wall Balls (20/14) 10/9ft line
15 Toes to Bar
200 m run


Rich M. said...

Won't be in tomorrow due to Rich's PT test. See you on Wednesday!


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Completed cleans @ 135

METCON @ 17:57
scaled to 18lb med ball o/wise as Rx'd. TTB add-up quick and slowed me way down after 2nd round.

Ed said...

Cleans at 135.

13:17 for the rest. TTB was the limiting factor on this one. Unbroken through the first three rounds but slow. Broken into sets of five for the last two rounds.

Meghan Smith said...

16:59 Really moved slow on the forearms were smoked!

Big shout out to Ed G. for helping around the bubble today with hang and power cleans. Great to have someone take advantage of some teachable moments--I think we all benefit from these peer coaching opportunities.

Greg E said...

11:31 this morning.
I took it easy on the cleans @115

Ross said...

Hang Cleans at 155lbs
Power Cleans at 185 lbs

13:01 on the WOD - T2B were slow after first two sets..

Mark Weaver said...

Not on post today so ran 4.5 mi at <8min / mi pace

Paige said...

75 for cleans

12:58 for the through 3 rds of TTB then had to break up the next 2.

Erin Anderson said...

16:20 tired today sort of jogged the run. But did ttb & wb with good form I think. Dig the programming Meg!

Arod said...

Great programming this week! I finish right at 12 min, those TTBs got me. Dropped weight on the Squat cleans to work my form.