May 6, 2012

050712 Monday

Front Rack

50 Double Unders

rest 3 minutes THEN:

10 min AMRAP (with a partner)

With an accountability partner, complete the following WOD:

5 Front Squats (155/115)
15 Box Jumps (games standards) (24/20)

Choose a partner that will hold you to strict standards, and vice versa.
Front squats should break 90 at the hip, and CFSPU should be “chest to the ground first, off the ground last” to ensure no worming, rolling up off the ground, etc.  Box jumps require full extension at the top of the box BEFORE launching off the box.

Partner 1 completes the AMRAP under Partner 2’s strict guidance, then swap.  Pull out the cell phone and video your partner to show them a perceived fault in the execution a skill.  The focus is to test our capacity at heightened accountability.


Greg E said...

I need to WOD pretty early tomorrow... I would like to be out of the bubble no later than 0600. Is anyone going to be in the bubble O/A 0515?

Julie said...

I wish I was in, but out due to Richs PT test. This looks like a good one! I will be running on the treadmill instead. Back in bubble Tuesday.

Julie said...

I am in tomorrow. PT test Tuesday.

Greg M said...

5 rounds complete and 1 x FS

1 x rd was Rx'd/2 - 6 FS at 125lbs

Graded by Mike Anderson, good push going against Debbie.

Greg E said...

Good WOD... box jumps are tricky when wet.

RX - 5 RNDs plus 14 BJs
It should have been 6 rounds but I was marking rounds on the white board. DUs were rough the morning.

Mark Weaver said...

6 Rds & 2x FS (FS scaled to 135# throughout)

I had Rudy watching me - helped ID my knees rolling in some during the lift portion of the FS... slowed down my movements to minimize it, so the grader concept helped me a lot today.

Ed said...

5 rounds + 5 FS + 10 CFS PU ...

I agree that the wet floor made things a little tricky.

Ross said...

6 rds +5 FS RX'd. The Box Jumps slowed me down alot well that and all the beer I drank this weekend..

Rich M. said...

7 full rounds plus 5 squats. I used 125 because of my faulty ability to count...I wanted 135....oh well.

DUs- I did two sets of at 27 secs, and the second at 25 secs.

Tomorrow is a test for the value of CF. I did today's WOD, including all squats and CFSPUs, and have a PT test tomorrow.....we'll see how that goes!

Meghan Smith said...

Finished 4 rounds and 3 squats. First 6 squats at 95#, the rest at 90#. It was good to have the accountability, and the help from Debbie and Greg.

Pre-SAMS graduation Paleonola order going in--get me yours by COB Wed please!

Mac said...

6 rds + 2 FSs, as Rx'd. Could barely get through that last set of front squats so I think that weight was right for me.

On a separate note, I ran the Warrior Dash on Saturday, and would definitely recommend it. If you need any validation on your functional fitness, look no further! Climbing cargo nets, crawling through mud, swimming, and leaping over burning logs...all easy compared to a hero WOD.

Debbie said...

5 rounds 5 FS and maybe 6 PU Rx'd. This WOD was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I didn't think 115 woould feel so heavy. My quads are screaming at me.

Thanks for the accountability Meg, good times in the wet muggy Bubble!

Rich V. said...

400M RUN