May 3, 2012

050412 Friday

Team WOD:

“Bar Up!”
A team consists of 3 athletes.  At no point during the WOD will the bar touch the ground.  Only exception is if you have a mixed team where you need a variety of weight.  Brief to be conducted at 0540, kick off at 0550.

As a team, complete the following:

125 Hang Cleans (65/45)
800 m run (with bar)

125 Front Squat (65/45)
600 m run (with bar)

125 Push Press
400 m run (with bar)  

125 Lunges (65/45) (bar racked front, back, overhead, or hang)

200 m run (with bar)


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

As an Army of One and in light of the EIB footmarch that took place this AM, substituted the following:

Murph "Light"
1 mile run
50 pull ups
100 push ups
150 squats
1 mile run
All wearing IBA w/ plates

Amazing how much of a game changer wearing body armor makes this WOD. My time was comparable to the last time I did the full Murph w/out plates!

Matt said...

So the workout this morning was a bit brutal but I really needed it. Thanks to Meg, Deb, Erin, Wade, Joe, and Mike for all the motivation this morning.

By the way just got my email telling me that I passed the LV1 test. So i am now a LV1 trainer. SWEET! Thanks to all the IMCFers that helped me out.

Ross said...

I was a team of one today so I made up Wed WOD for a time of 17:34
For time:
400m run
25 K2E
30 KB swings (24/16)
600m run
20 K2E
25 KB swings
800m run
15 K2E
20 KB swings

Also just got my email this morning and PASSED my LV1 Cert YEAH... Congrats to you Matt Also..

Meg Smith said...

Somewhere around 30 minutes with Erin and Debbie. Great working out with a couple of teams this morning...great effort across the board.

Good Luck to everyone doing the triathlon tomorrow, and I hope to see some of you at the Warrior Dash tomorrow!!!

Greg M said...

Worked out with Meg's Class this morning, so Jacque and I could WOD together. We had a blast, doing a team Barbara. Meg added a 200m run instead of a 3 mins rest between rounds and only one partner could work at a time the other was in the: Plank rd 1-3, stay in deep squat position rd 4, and arms parallel to ground for rd 5.

Time was 28:21 Jacque and I rowed 250m instead of 200m run.

Meg does a great job with her classes, if anyones significant other is looking for instruction look Meg up.

Have a great weekend and good luck on the Tri and Warrior Dash!

Mark Weaver said...

Substituted 7mi run near Zona Rosa, Tiffany Springs Park, and Wetherby Lake. 1hr:8:30 pace overall (the last 3.5 mi felt like all hills)

Doing Warrior Dash Sun AM and got my CF LVL 1 confirmation email today!

G. Scott said...

Did an individual portion of the team WOD from last Friday:
15 x Tire Flips
40 x Power Cleans (95)
100 x DU
30 x Push Jerk (95)
35 x Back Squat (95)
Just under 30 minutes - the DU remain my nemesis, but I stuck with them and even managed to string together 8 (a PR for those keeping score).