May 2, 2012

050312 Thursday


Kettle Bell Snatches


4x10 KB Snatches

Rest 3 minutes

THEN for time:
3 Power Snatch (95/65)
3 OHS (95/65)
rest for 10 breath counts

4 Power Snatch
rest 10 breath counts

5, 6, 7 .... until

8 Power Snatch

****The rest is based off of your controlled breathing--don’t attempt to draw it out for a longer break, nor rush it to try and get a faster time.  The point is to listen to your body, how your capacity changes under load, and how you can/cannot successfully control it.


rob said...

Doug -if you send me an email I'll get you guys linked up. There is strength in numbers and having like minded partners is always value added (

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

12:46 for the METCON
scaled the HSPU with blue-green band combo

Had to "slow down" and focus on body position. Amazing how much "easier" the snatch and OHS get when you keep your body aligned correctly.

Ed said...

I know Meg said this wasn't for time ... but 14:11.

The rounds of 7 and 8 required more resting 'breaths' than the 10 allowed and my OHS were decidedly poor (as opposed to mostly poor for the start) form by rounds 7 and 8 as well.

On the good side, I finally sorted out the kipping HSPU.

Greg M said...

Well I did not time it. I had to go to the plyo boxes for rounds 7/8. I was definitely taking more than 10 breathes in the later rounds.

Today was my best day ever for HSPU using the kip.

Meg Smith said...

My fault--I did write "THEN for time:"

Time didn't really matter, but keeping time didn't hurt anything either. The intent was to find out:

"Can I complete the WOD without breaking sets?"
"Can I do the sets without taking more than the allotted 10 breaths between rounds?"

For me, I made it through round 6 before I had to take any extra breaths (as in, I spent a bit of time in between each OHS with the bar overhead) and on round 8 I came off the wall in HSPU so those extra "rest breaths" would have counted against me between 8 and 9 had the ladder continued.

Appreciate the feedback this morning from a bunch of you--I think the consensus was that for people where the HSPU or weight was challenging, you wanted to rest for more than 10 breaths...something good to remember next time we take a break in the middle of a WOD.

Mark Weaver said...

I did some 'introduction to CF' with a guy from my SG.

Then did the WOD in around 14 minutes. Once again "only" 95# kicked my butt in the later rounds, requiring a quick break in the middle of the power snatch

I did better on the HSPU before scaling on the box.

Ross said...
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Ross said...

Today I actually got a real HSPU in warm ups all the way to the ground with my head, but I chose to scale the WOD.

During the WOD had some clock troubles and had to restart after the first round so I am guessing I ended somewhere between 11:30 and 12:30.

Was able to go with 95# but scaled the HSPU (1 AB Mat under head for 3 and 4 rep rds, 2 ab mats under head for 5,6 and 7 rep rds, switched to blue green combo for the last round).

Paige said...

I scaled the weight to 55# cause I knew the OH squats would get ugly. I did the 3's,4's,5's & 6's (barely) HSPU on the wall with 2 stacked abmats then went to the bands.

I actually liked the 10 breath thing as a benchmark/goal, and thought the WOD should be timed. Obviously some people will have to rest more based on weight used and ability, but thats with every workout and your time reflects that.

Dionne said...

For anyone who is interested

Noah said...

Worked out with Centurion CrossFit down on Fort Hood today, thanks for the steer Greg.

10 min AMRAP 10 snatches and 10 ring push ups. 4 rds complete. Snatched 75#. Dave Taylor, who is an original IMCF'er, runs the affiliate at Harvey Gym. Greg, if interested you will want to track down a guy named Mike Martin or Dave when you move down here.

Greg M said...

That is great news Noah, you had me worried yesterday.

Greg M said...

I almost forgot, today is Rob Craig's birthday. I think he turns 60, but I could be wrong. Happy Birthday Rob!!

Debbie said...

I great WOD, finally able to do HSPU Rx'd (kipping against the wall, with 2 Abmats) Snatches and OHS felt pretty good.

james said...

Greg, he can't be 60 - he started getting the old age pension 5 years ago

Mike Anderson said...

Worked out in the afternoon with Erin.


Scaled the HSPU with green/blue band.

I think Pukie snuck in and added weight to the bar for the last couple sets because they sure felt heavy.

Mike Anderson said...

I forgot Happy Birthday, Rob. You don't look a day over 59.