May 1, 2012

050212 Wednesday

Turkish Get Ups


4x5 Turkish Get Ups

Rest 3 minutes

THEN For time:

400m run
25 K2E
30 KB swings (24/16)

600m run
20 K2E
25 KB swings

800m run
15 K2E
20 KB swings


Rich M. said...

For those that will still be here, anyone interested in doing the Wod for Warriors "21 Gun Salute" WOD in honor of Memorial Day? The event is between 25-28 May. I think that ILE may have a 4-day (SAMS is already graduated) Regardless, we could do it on 24 May if there is enough interest.

Website below:

If you go to the website, you might actually see a lot of VERY familiar fact they are using the pics from IMCFs last WOD for Warriors on 9/11 in their banner! With LTC Mac front and center sporting an IMCF T-shirt!

Greg M said...


Meg and Rob are leading the effort for IMCF and should post something in the next few days. IMCF is signed up to do the WOD and shirts should also be offered.

rob said...
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rob said...

We have a new ILE student inbound this summer who is interested in partnering up with anyone doing or interested in CrossFit Endurance. He'll be here around 10 July 2012. Is anyone interested in getting linkied up with him?

Meg Smith said...

WOD is tentatively scheduled for 24 May. They are flexible to a week prior, so I'm open to Fri 18 May if SAMS folks want in. Feedback by Fri would help to ensure we have time to get shirts in.

Rich M. said...

I apologize for stepping on toes. I wasn't aware that Rob and Meg were working it.

I'm interested. I could do it the 18th so that Julie will have a chance to do it on the 24th.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Another beautiful Bavarian morning. Did PT with the XO and staff officers this AM.

30ft rope ascent

4-mile run (~37:40 @ 163bpm)

10x burpees at 2-mile turn around

Did not do the following couplet for time, but should have...
12x burpee pull-ups
50x situps
10x burpee pull-ups
40x situps
8x burpee pull-ups
30x situps

Greg M said...

17:03 - good group this morning with Amber, Debbie, Mike, Erin and Meg.

Great to see Jacob back in the bubble this morning!!

A lot of discussion about kettle bell swings this morning whether the standard was Russian or American style. Here is a link to a an article in CFJ about both movements.

After measuring the swing height and displacement for both the American and Russian swings we had several athletes swing 1.5 pood kettlebells, counting the repetitions, for one minute employing the Russian method. After an extended rest, we repeated the test with the same size kettlebells while employing the American swing. What we found was that the Russian swing demanded only sixty-five percent of the power required of the American swing - hardly close.

Power a measure of intensity can certainly be perceived, and it is the perception of all our athletes who have tried both swings that the longer American swing is substantially harder than the shorter
Russian swing. Many offered, “it’s twice as hard”.

Using this information we can show that the Russian kettlebell swing would have to be performed with loads nearly twice that of the American swing to exact similar power and intensity demands.

Meghan Smith said...

I think 22:12, or thereabouts. Wish I'd pushed on the run a little more, but lacked the ability to convince my legs of that idea.

Thanks for the info on the KB swings, Greg. My fault as the programmer for not specifying--I think as a whole we need to be specific with our standards, both in definition and execution, so this is a good reminder of that.

No worries, Rich. Just need to get it publicized. If the SAMS folks can chime in about interest in the Heroes WOD, I'll program it for that Friday morning.

Paige said...

18:09. The 1st half of each run was pretty tough after the KB.

And I had no idea we were suppose to swing the KB all the way overhead....I think I learned in the fundamentals class that it was above eye level, so thats what I've always done. Thanks for the info Greg.

Jake78 said...

I like the programming so far this month!

Only critique I have of all the programming (not just this month) I've seen since arriving in February is strength and power. This is a core strength and conditioning program. I've been wondering where the strength part has been. No real heavy days, deadlifts, backsquats, or presses, and minimal O'lifts.

We did a quasi heavy deadlift day, but put a restriction on rest so you couldn't really go as heavy.

My only gripe, and very minor because we're still getting strong and fast doing what we've been doing.

I'd love to help out more, just let me know.


Erin Anderson said...

Amber, i confess i skipped the turkish getups and ran out of time . Thx for the motivation! I forgot my time but i know you finished way ahead!

james said...

Shout out to Kay who is getting promoted today and assumes the title of the coolest JAG LTC in the free world!

Greg M said...

Way to go Kay!

Noah said...

IMCF Fort Hood Detachment...from the Great Place 21:21. Worked out in silence today (music where are you?) and alone (Ross where are you?). The Applied Fitness Center down here has some CF equipment, not everything you would want but enough. Greg, you'll have to get some sense of community going when you get down here.

Greg M said...

Noah are you at Centurian CrossFit?

Greg M said...

Here is there website

Kay said...

Thanks James and Greg! Now, drop and give me 50 CFSPU! Ah, I sure miss you all! Wish I could be at your last shindig/WOD of the season; sounds like a great time!

Kay said...

Rob - A friend in my office is heading to ILE this summer; I'm getting him started in CF - he is following the CF Endurance WODs; I wonder if this is the same guy - is his name Ed?

monroe said...

Worked handstands instead of TGU's.
WOD 20:08 RX. American swings. Hot n' Nasty!

Greg M said...

Mark I worked on my shrugs again today as well. Trying to stop pulling early on my cleans.

monroe said...

Good work Greg. Two clean pulls plus a clean is a good drill, too.

Wanted to mention a warm up I've been doing with my work out partner, Trish. Basically, it's five minutes of tossing the med ball back and forth, standing, sitting, launching from hollow rock. I've found it to be a good way to break up monotony and warm up the core and shoulders.

Debbie said...


Had a terrible time on the runs not feeling great this AM. On a positive note first time doing all E2K Rx'd.

I think I better get use to this weather :-) I'm sure Hawaii will have many days like this!

Debbie said...

oops I meant to say K2E... Must be the heat!

Greg E said...

Good WOD today at 16:21

rob said...
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rob said...

Kay - it is Ed. I've got him linked up with a guy here who is just starting CFE. Does Ed have some experience in CFE or is he just starting down that path as well?

Doug said...

WOD in 16:00 even, with row substitution instead of running (I ran intervals this morning).

@Rob - I don't follow CFE strict, but I've been following their run philosophy and utilizing their program for 2-3 years. Currently following the model, but tweaking programming for my own goals.

Noah said...

Thanks for the pointer Greg. I had not found them. The Ft Hood site only listed the Applied Fitness Center so I did not look farther than that. Will try and catch their group WOD tomorrow at Harvey Gym. Sounds like they do have a community already!

rob said...

Doug -if you send me an email I'll get you guys linked up. There is strength in numbers and having like minded partners is always value added (

Mac said...

Made this up, a day late.
17:36. Increased the KB weight to 53lbs.