Apr 13, 2012

K-State CrossFit Study
We are looking for 10 people to participate in a focus group discussion that forms as part of K-state CrossFit study. Please email james.davis143@us.army.mil if you can help. It will be at the bubble, on 19 April from 1300 until 1430. You will just need to participate in discussion, there will be no workout. People with all levels of crossFit experience are needed.

Coach Danny Capps Seminar
IMCF is sponsoring another opportunity for your 'fitness' profesional development. Coach Danny Capps from Leavenworth High School has agreed to present a two hour block of instruction on successful coaching. The intended audience is for Level I certified coaches. However, there are quite a few in our community that are actively pursuing their Level I certification and/or are currently involved in some aspect of coaching. If you fit those categories you are invited and encouraged to attend.


Soraya said...

James- my schedule is free. I'm in.

james said...

Thanks Soraya. James

Bridget said...

I would also like to attend.

james said...

Thank you Bridget. See you on Thursday.


nutt said...

James, if you still need someone I am available too. Let me know.

Bridget said...

Jams, what is Thursday? I can be ther if you need me. I am a guinipig for April Wednesday so I will be in the bubble that morning. Planned on afternoon WOD tomorrow, and Saturday clenic.
Let me know the 5 W's.
: ) Bridget

Bridget said...


I wasn't tracking all of that in the short response. I am ok w/ assisting in that area. Might need someone to tag team since I am doing some afternoons in Bubble but have to stay focused on Tri events. I will work something out.