Apr 16, 2012


Karin, Erin and Susi have put some hard work into designing an alternate T-shirt. There are basically three components to this; the shirt, the color and the design. Please post to comments:

- if you want a shirt and the size;
- preferred color;
- preferred design;
- ladies cut or long sleeve;

The shirt we will get is the most popular design and color. We probably need about 25 orders to proceed economically. Questions to comments.

The Shirt. Shirts are obtained through Reebok. We will get the "CVC shirt" which is a 60% cotton and 40% poly blend which gets softer over time. It does shrink a bit, like any cotton shirt would. Price is around $16 per shirt.

Color. White, Grey, Red or Black and light blue are the options.

The Design. The possible designs are shown below. The front design is common to both.


 Back Design 1.
 Back Design 2.


Julie said...

Thanks so much for all the effort and hard work put into the t-shirts. I love the design!

I will order one in size small and Rich will have one in size large.

We both agree on the "Clausewitz" and in gray. I would prefer ladies cut and Rich would like short sleeves. Thanks again for all the hard work!!!

Greg M said...

Jacque and I both would like one. Gray & Clausewitz & Short Sleeve

1 x Med
1 x XL

rhino said...

I'll take a lrg in grey (shrt sleeve). I like the clausewitz option

Lance said...

Agree with the above posts...Sz L

nutt said...

I would like light blue, med and Clausewitz in a short sleeve please. Thanks!!

Wade said...

Two shirts for the Hennings please:

Wade - 1 x XL (red, short sleeve)
Paige - 1 x Ladies Med (light blue, ladies cut)

We love the design - just thought we'd go for something other than grey since we can get more grey IMCF shirts at the CGSC store.

Bridget said...
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Bridget said...


I am in to help out where I can! Let me know what you need.

Wetzler-Harai would like 2, both SS & the "Clausewitz" Option.
1 x XL? Female or Men Med. in LT Blue
1 x L Mens Red

Noah said...

I like James' silhouette on the SDLHP. Is there a mesh half shirt option?

I would buy one in either red or black, XL, short sleeve.

Mike Anderson said...

Erin would like a grey ladies cut, size L

Mike - 2XL (Extra Jumbo) White

Darin - Medium Grey

Arod said...

great work, please put me down for a large grey short sleeve with Clausewitz slogan...


Ed said...

I prefer the red, already have the grey and black options. Clausewitz, short sleeve, size L for the remaining data.

Bill P. said...

Bill P. will take 2 in XL grey, Clausewitz please.

Bill P. said...

Bill P. and in short sleeve thanks

Jacob said...

I can already see this is a losing option, but I like the group therapy. Enough with Clausewitz! Plus, the group therapy design is more applicable to spouses. I would take a large and a medium short sleeve in grey.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

135lbs across

First WOD since "Spring Break" leave so definitely feeling sluggish. Did the Monday's WOD from the CF Main site as a precursor.

An appalling 36:58
- scaled the HSPU with green-blue bands
- scaled one-leg squats with "rail assist"

For what it's worth, I like the Clauswitz quote.

james said...

In pursuit of efficiency and safety I opted for 10 x 5 cleans @ 95 - resetting between each rep. It was interesting - doing that many reps let me test and adjust some things - I don't know if I got better but maybe I learn't something. I feel like I would need to do about that many cleans a week to consistently improve my form ....I just a time machine now...

Ross said...

I would like one (XL - sized), either Black or Gray & Clausewitz & Short Sleeve

monroe said...

2 large, light blue with brown ink. (Matches my eyes, thanks for noticing). Group therapy quote. Isn't it enough that it's a CvC shirt?

Soraya said...

Great job, ladies! 1 vote for the dead Carl quote from me also.

1x Light blue, Ladies cut, Medium
1x Grey, Medium (men's normal cut)for John.


Doug said...

Large, Light Blue, either option. Thanks!

james said...

Mark - great call on the CVC!!! genius.

Bridget - do you mind collating all the orders - we will then talk to reebok and see if they do multiple colours.

David said...

1x XL black, short sleeve, men's


Jimmy S. said...

1 x large, Clausewitz, Red

1 x medium, ladies cut, Clausewitz, light blue


Mark Weaver said...

I would order a Blue, SS, XL, Clausewitz

Amber said...

Size medium. Red is my number one choice. Short sleeved ladies fit. Clausewitz.

Dan said...

XL, LT Blue, dead Carl for me please.

SelkS6 said...

Take one XL, Grey, SS, Clausewitz


G. Scott said...

My preference is a red Clausewitz edition, size XL. Second choice is the light blue.

rob said...

1 x grey
size: M
short sleeve
group therapy slogan

David Batchelor said...

Thank you so much for doing this. If I can I would like to get 3 shirts:
1 x female Short sleeve small red
1 x Male Short Sleeve Large black
1 x Male Long Sleeve Large grey
Like the "Clausewitz"
vr, COL B

Jim H said...

I would like the Clausewitz in Red. XL.


Jim H said...

I would like the Clausewitz version in grey longsleeve. XL.


Bridget said...


I can assist as needed.

csamulski said...

Someone recommended today that putting the "IMCF" on the back and Clausewitz image on the front might be a good approach. Just a thought.

Matt said...

I vote for dead Carl and take one shirt size Large in Red

Will said...

Torrey and I will each take one (Clausewitz version):

1x ladies cut, medium, light blue, short sleave
1x mens large, red, short sleave


kate lewis said...
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kate lewis said...

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