Apr 10, 2012

A few more A910 Instructors Needed!!

...from April Verlo (A910 Coordinator)

Thanks for the excellent support for coaches for the A910 Elective on Friday 13 April.  It's a great opportunity to promote the functional fitness concept, tell what we do at IMCF, and practice your coaching skills.  We still need at least two (or more) instructors for Monday, 16 April 2012 at 1330hrs.  We'd like someone to step-up to be the primary instructor and at least one other person to be the assistant.

 For those that might have missed the last request for coaching help, below is a description of the request:

The block of instruction mirrors the Fundamentals classes we put on for the greater Ft. Leavenworth community and last about an hour. Classes on What is Fitness, What is Crossfit, Nutrition/WOD-speak/resources last about 10-15 minutes each, with a block of instruction on only the air squat interspersed between lectures. The class ends with you coaching the students through a short WOD.

Please send me an email at aprilverlo@me.com quickly if you're willing and able to help out. I'd like to identify the coaches within the next 48 hours.

Finally, I will PCS this summer and we need to find my replacement as the A910 Coordinator.  I have enjoyed helping get the word out on CF philosophy, methodology, and what we do.  Although the A910 course is a small group, it gives us an opportunity to touch a few future S3/XO-types.  If you have an interest in helping the IMCF community and CGSC, please consider this position.  Send me an email and I can pass it on.  Thanks.


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