Apr 4, 2012

A910 Coaching Oportunity

We are seeking volunteers to instruct 3 iterations of the A910 elective (Comprehensive Solider Fitness) for ILE class 12-01. The block of instruction mirrors the Fundamentals classes we put on for the greater Ft. Leavenworth community and last about an hour. Classes on What is Fitness, What is Crossfit, Nutrition/WOD-speak/resources last about 10-15 minutes each, with a block of instruction on only the air squat interspersed between lectures. The class ends with you coaching the students through a short WOD.

Specifically, we are looking for:
1. An individual to take over coordinating this class with the faculty advisor after class 12-01 graduates and I depart.
2. Assistant instructors (AIs) for 0800-0930 FRI 13 APR to assist Wade Henning (Primary Instructor - PI).
3. 1 PI and AIs for 1100-1230 FRI 13 APR.
4. 1 PI and AIs for 1330-1500 MON 16 APR.

The faculty advisor is a fan of Crossfit, and he sees it as a great opportunity to introduce our peers to a fitness philosophy aside from standard Army PT. We can all probably recognize that this is a great opportunity to use familiarize others with Crossfit that may one day be to our advantage when we need some gym space or support! Plus, it helps those of us who want to improve our coaching abilities.

Please send me an email at aprilverlo@me.com if you're willing and able to help out. I'd like to identify the PIs by the end of the week.


Mike D said...

I can AI Friday the 13th afternoon for sure. I might be able to take a pass and do the morning of the 13th as well. My office last 4 is 8557.

Rich M. said...

April, I maty be able to do PI for the 13th...at 1100. I will have to check tomorrow.