Apr 29, 2012

043012 Monday

Press, Push Press and Push Jerk


3x5 Press (65/45)                                      
3x5 PP (85/65)
3x5 PJ  (105/85)

rest 3 minutes                                          


5 DL (185/135)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
15 pull ups
200 m run

Congratulations to all the new Level 1's! You now have the knowledge, but knowing is only half the battle. Remember, to get better at a skill you have to practice it, never pass up an opportunity to coach to help someone else improve. Post below what you enjoyed the most about the cert. 


Arod said...

Great experience this weekend. The instructors are amazing athletes. I enjoyed being I the circle and working with the instructors on points of performance..

Mark Weaver said...

Good background on the theory and tons of practice ... The techniques to fix yourself and cue others was the best.

Bridget said...

The energy from the team leaders was inspiring. Taking what we learned and applying it is the true test.

Chuck Anderson said...

great instruction. Well planned and executed. Everyone's desire to learn was intense.

nutt said...

The progression of the moves was my favorite so I can teach it to others that may be having problems hitting all the points of performance.

Matt B. said...

Good wod for tomorrow, wrapping up a month of good programming. I've been considering doing a strength wod before each daily wod to get at my goat of "all things strength." This is a good example of that in execution.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Did not time first portion of this WOD

3RFT in 9:43 as Rx'd

Beautiful wx here in Germany. Once again took opportunity to WOD outdoors - an advantage of a unit gym versus the post globo-gym.

Greg M said...

Good WOD this morning. Enjoyed doing the strength portion before the METCON.

7:16 as Rx'd

Congrats to all the new Level 1's, really enjoyed watching you guys kill Fran on Saturday. We even had some who got their first kipping pull-up.

Watching Lindsey Smith coach and WOD was amazing. I felt like I had a front row seat to the games.

Arod said...

Great pic of this Weekend's class on the main CF site!

Ed said...

6:58 for the METCON this morning, I really liked the press series to start as well.

Congrats to all the new L1's!

Meghan Smith said...

10:35 for the WOD. No-rep'd myself on a few box jumps, but probably should have on a few more--trying to re-learn jumping down rather than stepping. Thanks for the accountability, Debbie!

Faulted on the last rep of the PJ, but enjoyed working the progression.

Jake78 said...

Level 1 Cert was a great time, learning the points of performance for the fundamental lifts was definitely a highlight for me. Most I kind of knew from years of experience, but it was great to hear it put in plain, simple terms in a logical order!

Great time!

Mac said...

7:05 for the WOD. Enjoyed the shoulder work prior to as well.
One thing I've been working on, which Khalipa didn't demonstrate but that I have seen some do, is to push the hips back slightly for the PP dip and then pop them forward as you drive the bar up. Same principal as popping the hips during a thruster or KB swing. I think it's pretty useful, so long as you don't over exentuate it too much and bring your lower back out of alignment. Also seems to take some of the pressure off of my knee caps.

Erin Anderson said...

A slow 11:00, very tired and only jogged the run. Excited for what you have programmed tomorrow Meg!

Rich M. said...

worked my way up to 135 on the press series.
7:20 for the WOD. I should have run faster!

Ross said...

Worked on the press progressions going pretty methodically through them with what I learned this weekend.
RX'd the 3RFT at 8:43..

About the Cert this weekend. Absolutely great exerpience and thanks to IMCF for the opportunity and hosting.

The instructors were first class. Teaching, lectures, and PEs were great, very informative and the variety in explaining concepts really helped me.

I personally had no idea how big it was and enjoyed meeting and seeing all the sutdents from the greater KC area that were here for the training.
Being able to see some regional level athletes go through thier training on the breaks was amazing such wonderful athletes.
Also sitting there and realizing how big of impact CF has made in thier lives to do entire career changes to promote the sport of fitness was something great to see also.

Matt said...

Great learning experieince on how to really focus on the points of performance and the ques to fix deviations. Also talked to Joe Westerland, a trainer for our LV1, and he is going to be a commentator for ESPN for the games this summer.

Rich V. said...

5 DL (185/135)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
15 pull ups
200 m run
14 min

Matt B. said...

Loved the press work before the "real" WOD. 9:27 as Rx. Made great time the first half, then slowed down by the feeling of about to lose my breakfast for the last half. Used the box jump technique learned from Rich about springing back up from the bottom and resting at the top. Certainly feels much faster.

Congrats to the new L1s! Sounds like a great experience.

rob said...

IMCF(FWD) Ft. Lee:
pull ups
tire flips
air squats

We picked up another team member today. Tires were full of water from rain this weekend and had sand from the pit that was our WOD area. It made for a slippery tire.

Greg E said...

6:23 RX on the 3 rounds.

85 press, 115 pp, 165 PJ

Nice WOD but I should have gone heavier on the DLs