Apr 26, 2012

042712 Friday


Tire Flip

CrossFit Bingo
Teams of 5 work to complete dictated events.  First team to achieve BINGO wins!!!

Brief 0530.  Start at 0545.

Teams of 5 will work to complete 5 exercises in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.


Ross said...

sounds fun, sorry I will miss this one..

Greg M said...

Alex, for our overseas and IMCF folks not able to get to the bubble is there any info for them to put on the board so they can have some bingo fun as well?

rob said...

IMCF(FWD) Ft. Lee: The WOD was conducted in the parking lot of the Sustainment Center of Excellent; we only dodged a handful of cars. There was heavy rain earlier in the day and a light rain when we did the WOD. By the time we were finished we were soaked from head to toe.

10 x burpees
100m spring


rob said...

I got an e-mail from an incoming ILE student that is looking for anyone doing CF Endurance. He'd like to link up via e-mail before he arrives this summer.

Meghan Smith said...

What time is the brief and kickoff?

Alex E. said...

Details are on main page. See you all in the morning.

Alex E. said...

If you are going solo, just divide the numbers by 5.

nutt said...

This workout looks fun! Great job to the programmer!

james said...

I need to start at 0515, anyone else onboard?

james said...



Rich M. said...

I will be in James. Which poison are you looking at?


Jacob said...

Really, folks! Nobody picked up a jump rope from Meg for me. Morning crew, please ask your group as I know not everyone checks the blog.

Meg, if it doesn't turn up this weekend, I would like another one please.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

20:10 as follows

1x 800m run
40x air squats
25x push press (95lb)
30x squat cleans (95lb)
15x tire flip (w/ "wet" steel belted HMMT tire)

Ross said...

IMCF West Florida. Did this solo this morning so I just took 1/5 of the first row and changed the order around a bit. 19:54

40x air squats
25x push press (95lb)
30x squat cleans (95lb)
1x 800m run
15x tire flip -yes I did actually find a good sized tire here near the track - shorter than our big one, but about 1.5 times as thick, the wet grass and sand made it especially fun..

Lance said...

Just a question to pose...does anyone else have issues with their hands going numb after lots of reps with OHS? By round 4 yesterday, I had no feeling in my hands and the numbness and tingling stuck with me for a few hours after completion.

Anyone deal with this, heard of it, or have any recommendations?

monroe said...

Lance, found this on a CF Football blog: "Heavy weight lifting creates shortened tight muscles and scar tissue build up. When doing overhead squats, pectoralis minor and major are likely to be compressing part of the brachial plexis causing the arms to go numb.(could also be a possible neck issue) You will need to work on shoulder flexability. warm up the shoulders, do a series off pass throughs. Hold a broom stick behind your back, palms down, pull the broom stick up over your head and to the front of your body. Also, as a registered massage therapist....i would definantely recommend a series of massage treatments to increase shoulder mobility."
Your issue could be position of the bar in your grip, something local (wrist) or something upstream (shoulders, neck, pecs). COuld be a sign of overuse, too. Recommend backing off the weight, play around with a different grip (straighter wrist) and lots of warm up/mob work. Good luck

monroe said...

Did the bottom row (a popular choice) with Meg, Erin, Debbie, and Greg. 14:20. I've really missed the energy of morning workouts, that was fun!

Greg M said...

Had a great time this morning with the Mark and the Monroe Padawan's. That is the first time I have done tire flips for time in a WOD, that was awesome!!