Apr 25, 2012

042612 Thursday

General.  Last chance to signup for the end of year function on Friday night. if you haven't signed up by COB you won't be included in the BBQ order.


HSPU - Depth and tight core

400m Run
15 x OHS (95/65)


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

17:59 as Rx'd

Think the weather here is starting to get to me. The OHS definitely felt much heavier than in the past (even the skill work yesterday felt heavy). Good time spent on mobility after WOD though. Hoping that helps in the long run.

james said...

Scott - stay on the mobility - it pays you back eventually.

Caught up yesterdays half of yesterdays deadlifts 5x2 with 2 minutes rest. 325 across. Then 10...1 C2B pull-ups and GHD sit-ups 8.26.

Meghan Smith said...

19:17, or there abouts @55#. Round 3 is always the worst for me, and I put the bar down 2 times. Thanks Ed for reminding me to keep working--it's exactly what I need for that mental block.

IF YOU ORDERED A JUMP ROPE: I'll be at the function tomorrow night, and would prefer a check. Your total is the base price on line ($34.95 or $39.95 depending on your handles). NOTE: Rx Jump ropes gives you about 2 weeks to determine if your cable is right for you. If you feel like it's too light/heavy/long/short, contact them and you can exchange it as long as your cable is in good condition (not used on concrete, torn up, etc).

Greg M said...

14:19 w/75lbs. Good push this morning from Mike and Julie!

Looking forward to the Team WOD tomorrow, to close out the week.

Noah said...

17:50 for Nancy's stepsister...subbed row for run and scaled OHS to 75#.

Ed said...

13:29 @ 75lbs. Warming up with 95 encouraged me to choose form over Rx weight - not as much ugly form this morning, but still a bit floating around the gym.

Good push this morning from Wade, Rick, Matt, and Will.

Erin Anderson said...

18:17. Scaled to 55# Thx for the encouragement & keeping time Deb!

Meg-good insight on scaling.

Debbie said...

16:35 Scaled to 55#

I couldn't remember the last time I did OHS so wasn't sure what weight I should do. All of my OHS were unbroken so next time I will try 65#.

Mac said...

15:50, as Rx'd. Not my best showing ever, but after eating pizza for lunch (never a good idea), my goal was to finish the OHS unbroken. Success...

G. Scott said...

17:54 @ 75 lbs. I was not sure on the weight, since I failed the last rep of the last set, it worked out.

Paige said...

15:40 scaled @ 55#

Haven't done OHS in a long time. Thanks Rich for the tips and watching my form - it helped a lot knowing that they looked ok even if they felt hella awkward!

Ross said...

IMCF- West Florida did not have a good place to really do Nancy today, transitions down three flights of stairs and around a building did not lend well to intensity so I really just turned this into skill work. Worked the OHS at 45 lbs for 6 sets of 15 reps. Then did some pose running drills then did 3x 400 m. Ended with DU work and strict pull ups.