Apr 24, 2012

042512 Wednesday


OHS - Maintain position at bottom

Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2


Jay Luck said...

I'm in my crossfit rest position come see

Matt B. said...

How tall is that monster bj box that just appeared? I tried today and got it, then looked at the 24" next to it. Looked like a kids toy. I also tried butterfly pullups for the first time. I didn't hear any giggling from Noah, but I sure felt like a convulsing racoon, not a graceful butterfly.

scottnkelly9901 said...

@Matt B. Not sure about the one in the Bubble, but check out this guys amazing vertical leap / 60" box jump.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

275lbs across

james said...


Ross said...

IMCF-West Florida
225,275,315,335,345,355,365,375,385,395 (had to adjust grip between reps at 395).

Debbie said...

165 across the board

This WOD was great for me. Stayed light but really focused on form and my back feels great. I am going to stay away from heavier weight until my form improves. Thanks for the help Meg and Rich.

4 dead hang pullups in a row for me (PR) then another 3 slowly coming along.

Meg Smith said...

145 across.

Mac said...

Missed yesterday, so did a modified "Wood":
3 rds
10 BJs
10 SDLHPs 95lb
10 Thrusters 95lb


Can definitely see how 5 rds took folks upwards of 30 min yesterday...ouch!

Alex E. said...

Didn't pick up any small vehicles like Ross today. But felt good after my epic failure with "Wood" yesterday.

Great ceremony this morning for ANZAC day. The breakfast must have made me perform so well and not fall flat on my face.


Mark Weaver said...

Moved from 135 warmup to PR of 255.

I have a mental block around 225 - which was obvious when Reed said "quit thinking and just do it!" (maybe he yelled a little)

rob said...

IMCF(FWD) Ft. Lee: We picked up another co-worker today and introduced tabata.

wall ball (10lbs) - 10
step ups (45lbs, 20") - 7
air squats - 16
KBS (55lbs) - 10

Arod said...

No small cars being lifted here either. Worked steady at 215, jumped to 235 for last two sets.

Dan said...

Much better day today! After the ANZAC ceremony and a little gunfire gunfire breakfast, hit the Bubble:
That's a big day for a guy whose one rep max is 310.

Then finished Wood... ...in an attempt to salvage some dignity after yesterday's tragic performance.

monroe said...

Warmed up with some med ball toss with Trish, DU's, pistols, handstands.
WOD: 225, 245, 265, 275, 285, 295, 305, 315, 315, 315.
Finished with 100 ab mat situps.

I picked up a med ball labeled as 10, swear it had to be 20. I set it out in the sun to bake awhile.

Erin Anderson said...

Keeping the weight under 100 for awhile so i did 5 rounds with 95 and added some pullups in between.

Rob Graetz said...

Finally managed to lift something bigger than I am!


Might have been able to go heavier, but I want to be able to walk tomorrow.

Oh, and the really big box seems to be 36".

Matt B. said...

Warned up with pvc and then 135#. Did first set at 225#, the rest at 255#. Probably a hair too heavy, as the first rep of each set was god form, but the second wasn't. At least that's how it felt. Last 1RM was 275 or 285. Blessings to all our Allies on ANZAC day!

Noah said...

Worked from 225 to 295.

Doug said...

Worked from 225-335.

G. Scott said...

Worked from 185-335(PR).