Apr 17, 2012

041812 Wednesday

Pose running technique

Move 1200m any way possible except running forward
Run 800m

During the middle portion any method of locomotion is available: skipping, shuttling, crossing over, running backwards, walking, etc. The intent is to improve those other muscles that participate in helping us run.


Mike Anderson said...

Julie and I else interested,

Do you want to meet at the track tomorrow?

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

17:13 total run time minus "rest"

Did this as an interval workout with 400m repeats and 1:30 min rest in between.

1200m broken down as follows
400m backward run
800m karaoke (lefft then right)

Julie said...

I will be at the track. See you in a few!

james said...

14.23 - skipped etc in between. How good is outside.

Ross said...

Note to self: Read IMCF board before going on a run in the morning..

Worked on Pose Running drills, some cleans and snatches and MU... Then hit the track, was pretty slow on the 800s after my run this morning.. did not even time them. 1200 consisted of a little of everything, lunges, backwards run, skip, cross over drills, long strides and heels to butt.. Beautiful morning..

Rich M. said...

did the WOD...did one lap backward, did next lap doing crossovers alternating every 200M, did last lap alternating between backward and crossovers every 200M.

Afterward, worked on HSPU...got to 9 strict with 2 abmats. Then worked kipping HSPU.

Noah said...

Snatched around for a short bit and then hit the track.

Did not get too creative in my forms of ambulation. Ran backwards, did walking and bounding lunges, skipped, standing broad jump, side step running. For a second I thought about doing burpees for a hundred yards or so but then thought better of it.

rob said...

APFT is done. The good news is that next year I to the next age grouping. After that there is only one more group to move to! I did well and want to add as so many others do that I did no APFT prep. I did Mon and Tues WOD without modification. The APFT is a comparatively easy WOD.

David Batchelor said...

I very much appreciate all the athletes that did the DTAC "Gut Check" with us this morning, especially the female athletes who helped me establish some data.

vr, COL B

Meg Smith said...

Enjoyed the gut check this morning with COL Batchelor--if you're going to be here for the next iteration, I recommend it!

Jump ropes are in. I'll be at the Bubble Friday morning for the Team WOD.

Dan said...

12:31* this morning adjacent the culde.

*Culde distances are not USAT certified

Rob Graetz said...

3:45, 12:46 (skip for height & distance, karaoke's, backward, high knees, butt kicks), 4:05