Apr 16, 2012

041712 Tuesday

IMCF will have a family event on Friday 27 April 2012.  Details TBD.  This is our end of the year event to celebrate our collective and individual accomplishments as well say good-bye and thanks to those who will PCS.  We just wanted to make the announcement so that people can get it on the calendars.  Thanks.

Clean and jerk
5 x 1

Part I - III below; see the CJF for the entire video.

C&J Part I

C&J Part II

C&J Part III


Julie said...

James, where are you? Miss you in the bubble!

Good workout today and PR at 80!

Greg M said...

Worked on Overhead Squats today.



Jimmy S. said...

115, 135, 145, 165 (PR), 175 (PR)

The clean was the limiting factor. Didn't feel like I was catching it very low. Still a good day for me.

Noah said...

Worked from 135 to 165. PR by 20# I think. Worked on my eternal goat of handstands afterwards.

Jake78 said...

Managed 205 Clean and Jerk
Got 225 up in the clean, missed the jerk.

Great time.


Ross said...

155,175,185,195,205(PR), 215(F),215(F), 215(F). Just could not get get under the clean on 215 if I had better technique, I may have gotten it...

james said...

In pursuit of efficiency and safety I opted for 10 x 5 cleans @ 95 - resetting between each rep. It was interesting - doing that many reps let me test and adjust some things - I don't know if I got better but maybe I learn't something. I feel like I would need to do about that many cleans a week to consistently improve my form ....I just a time machine now...

Julie - hunting constant variation!!!! I might be back next week.

Julie said...

I hope you find it! ;). Hope to see you next week!

monroe said...

Warmed up with 1K row, 4:16, some squats, handstand practice, pistols 3x10, mobility work.
Snatch 5x100, 5x105, 5x115
C&J 5x120
20 TTB, 80 sit ups
No energy today, tough to stay focused.

Meghan Smith said...

Jump ropes are IN! They forgot to invoice us (???) so I'm not 100% on each total. We got 15% off, plus a dab of shipping. I'll bring them in to the Bubble tomorrow and Friday morning, as well as tomorrow afternoon around 1715. I'd prefer check for payment.

rob said...

Numerous reps at 95 and 135; the last thing i did was add weight: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195(f)

Doug said...

Worked up to #175. Cleaned it three times, but didn't get the jerk.

Mac said...

135, 165, 185, 205, 215 (f), 215 (f). Frustrated with not hitting the 215, so did:
3 rds, 18 lunges with 45 lbs overhead, 25 DUs, 10 KB swings. Still frustrated, but too tired to do anything about it!

Dan said...


Then 205(f)-205(f).....let my stubborn show this morning to no avail!