Apr 12, 2012

041312 Friday

Team WOD
1-Ton Snatch
Teams of 2 execute snatches to lift 1-ton in as few attempts as possible.  Final score is the total number of attempts.

All attempts count towards the total number.  Example:  if it takes you and your partner 20 successful lifts to get 1-ton but you missed three times then your total is 23.

See the video below for an explanation.

For a good review of the snatch watch IMCF's Mark and James video below.


rob said...

We have a former Marine who is a fire fighter in Wichita coming to the Level I course we will host on 28 - 29 April. He is driving up on Saturday morning and was hoping to find a place to stay on Saturday night. If anyone has any interest in helping out please contact me (robert.craig1@us.army.mil). Thanks

Julie said...

James and Mike,

Are we going around 525am again?

james said...

Yes ma'am - I am - hopefully we can rope in the other members of the early gang as well

Alex E. said...

You should really try to push your limit on this workout. With a 20 minute time limit you are looking at a lift one every 1 to 2 minutes. The goal is not smaller weights for a faster time. It is higher weights for a lower total attempt score. Think of this like a 5 x 1 lift type workout. Also remember to warmup prior to make sure you are ready to go for this.

Mike Anderson said...

Julie and James -
I'm in for tomorrow morning.

Meghan Smith said...

Paleonola is IN and will be at the Bubble tomorrow. I'll give you your totals with your goods, but if you remember how much you ordered, with shipping it comes to $6.57 per bag. I'd prefer a check when possible.

Looking forward to the WOD. Planning on getting there around 0540.

Unknown said...

Julie and James,

I will be there as well. How many pounds are in a ton?

Greg E said...

A short ton is 2000 lbs and a long or metric ton is 2200 lbs.

james said...

Team Mike, Julie, Adam and I used 32 lifts. I used 155 and 165. I probably did 15 or 20 lifts beforehand at 115 and 135. In retrospect I should have spent longer lifting at say 115 and focussed on my form.

Arod said...
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Alex E. said...

Team Dan and Alex. 15 attempts (no misses) at 135 for a total of 2025 pounds.

Arod said...
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Arod said...

Team Arod/Matt: 19 reps, 2030 lbs total at roughly 10 min. Great week of programming!!

Ross said...

Had kid drop off duty this morning so was in late and did a solo ton 135lbs snatches x 15 reps no misses for 2025 total weight in 4:40.

Ed said...

I was in a 10-person crowd this morning, the idea was that everybody lift 1000 lbs. Not exactly the intent, but I lifted 1120 lbs in 8 lifts (135x5 and 155x3).

Finished with a 21-15-9 of
...in 4:19

Then five tire flips - which is difficult with a wet tire.

Greg M said...

I was in the group of 10 as well. Did 1 - 135, 7 - 125. Then helped some others with getting to their 1/2 ton.

Then did 21-15-9


5:47. The DUs and PUs were killing me this morning. I need to do some more work on them.

Dan said...

So I PR'd on snatch today @ 135, and then nailed it 7 more times to keep up with Alex. Like he said, 15 reps for us. Didn't know I had that in me...

Rob Graetz said...

Added 1045# (95#, 11rep) to the 10pax crowd. PR on the snatch, probably could have gone heavier, but didn't want to overdo it on my second snatch workout.

Doug said...

Did a solo 1000 in the early afternoon. 9 lifts from 105-135. #135 is a new PR for me.

Jimmy S. said...

95, 115, 125, 135f, 135, 145f, 145f
More technique work required for sure!

Box jumps/ DUs
Got tangled in the rope a few times.

rob said...

Did increasing snatch work for 10min: 1370lbs (2 x 115, 2 x 135, 23 x 145, 2 x 155(f), 3 x 145)

Pull ups