Apr 5, 2012

040612 Friday

Team WOD tomorrow!

The Power of Community: CrossFit and the Force of Human Connection
Social media is quickly absorbing the world in the midst of our hectic, technology-driven lives. Our ability to connect with other humans in a non-virtual way is ever diminishing. But CrossFit and especially the CrossFit community is an antidote. The power of community is about making lives better and helping other people achieve their goals. It's about having a network of mutual support and human connection. It allows us to bring meaning to our lives and relationships so that we may find meaning in a stressful world. (Dr. Allison W. Belger)

"Performance goes up immediately. We all give more of ourselves in the presence of others – always, always." (Greg Glassman)

Team WOD
2-person team
10min AMRAP
Power clean (135/95) counting exercise
Burpees x 15 pacing exercise

We’ll do a brief at 0545hrs and start quickly afterward.   A 2-person team will execute the WOD while another 2-person team will count/coach/encourage. Then the teams will switch roles. Review the power clean tonight, think of a ‘cool’ team name, and be ready to have fun tomorrow. We have three purposes tomorrow:

1. Have a great workout.

2. Learn the name of at least 1 new person.

3. Build the IMCF community.


james said...

early morning people ...shall we try and hit this at say 0525 - We should have a Few of us Bland, Dustin, Tim, Julie, Shaun, Trippy and Chuck should make 4 teams

Alex E. said...

Anybody looking to start later than James???

And do only power cleans count? What if they catch it at the full squat? How much knee bend can they have?

rob said...
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Julie said...

James, I wish I was in tomorrow, but Richs cousin is in town from NC. Rich really wants to take him in the morning, so I am out! Looks to be a fun WOD and hope it turns Nick on to Crossfit. He is planning on entering Army soon. Have fun and see you all on Monday!

rob said...

Alex E. - You can do a squat clean and it will count. You won't get as many reps as you would with a power clean, but either way you'll get a great workout. A hang clean will not count.

Meg - can you demo the burpee along with its scaled version? Greg agreed to do the clean demo

Alex E. said...

Rob, what time are you starting?

rob said...

We'll do a brief at 0545 and should start within 10 minutes.

james said...

Craig and I trundled out 97 reps

Greg M said...

Great WOD this morning, helped motivate and coach Rick and Matt, they did awesome!!

Then Tyler and I did 98 Reps. I tried to do all the Burpees unbroken, I had to rest on two sets.

Good Week of programming from Meg and Rob.

Ed said...

Great WOD this morning. COL B and I did 84 reps, and then watched Wade and Charles crush it with 99 reps.

Burpees were unbroken ... power cleans were not.

Ross said...

Well had SDO last night so did not feel up to working out early this AM... However, convinced the wife to go up and try to do the workout as my partner and she did really well for her first time. I used RX weight and she used 25 lbs on the cleans but we were able to get through 88 reps and she is not even that mad at me, bonus.. Great WOD, great week of programming

G. Scott said...

At the risk of showing my ignorance, what is this power clean counting exercise? I am used to a number or a time, and new things confuse me.
Is anyone interested an afternoon interation? Say 1530-1600?

rob said...

G. Scott - the comment on the 'counting' just says that your total score for the WOD is the number of PCs you and your partner accumulate. You switch from PCs to burpees when your partner accumulates 15 burpees. You pass off your count of PCs to him and he continues the count (running count).

I was without a partner today so I paced off of Greg M. and Tyler. While Greg was doing burpees I did PCs. When Greg finished his burpees I quit PCs, did 15 burpees and moved back to PCs. It worked well. Total PCs for me was 60.