Apr 4, 2012

040512 Thursday

Skill review
-  Hand stand push ups (HSPU) options (bands, wall, box, kip)
- 4 x 5 HSPU

10 x push press (95/65)
10 x back squat (95/65)
10 x ABMAT situps

During your pre-work and WOD, Wade H. will be serving as our "Coach of the Day." He's available from 0510-0630 to provide tips on the lifts involved, as well as teach the movements to anyone new to them.

Additionally, he will be walking the Bubble as groups do the WOD providing feedback during the workout as appropriate. This is our inaugural attempt at providing purposeful teachable moments for IMCF athletes during WODs that involve more technically complex moves.

The expectation is for the CoD to be available for questions about the WOD, the movements, and for safety. S/he isn't there to interrupt your work, or to stop you during the WOD (unless safety calls for it). Rather, s/he is intended as an aid for athletes to grow within their skill sets through constructive feedback.

(from April V.)
I'm looking for a few female athletes who are interested in doing a WOD at 0600 on 18 April. COL Batchelor, head of DTAC and self-described "fringe Crossfitter", recognized some shortfalls in the standard APFT and developed a WOD he has used for some time to get a better evaluation of his own troops. However, he has very little data to use to score female performance, which is why he's looking for additional volunteers.

The events should be very familiar, the WOD consists of a run, pullups, back squat, bench press, situps, and dips. Don't be intimidated if you're not strong in one of those areas, the intent is to develop realistic expectations for female populations. So if you can't do unassisted pullups, or like me, can only do a few at a time unbroken, that is still very valuable information.

Everyone is welcome, new or experienced Crossfitters, active duty, spouses, etc. I will also pass on to him if any of our male athletes are interested in participating.

Please send me an email aprilverlo@me.com if you're interested or have questions about the event itself.


Julie said...

Thanks Wade for the help with the handstand pushups. I enjoyed working the bands before hitting the wall. :) And thanks Greg for the kipping tips.

Mark Weaver said...

11:45 although focused on form for press/squats.

Funny how "only 95#" got heavy quick

james said...


Jess said...

Dropped weight to 55# this morning finishing up in 8:48- thanks for the push Paige!

Greg- thanks for the tips on DU- I managed to get one afterwards!

Noah said...

10:50. Working out in the bubble this morning was like working out in a rainforest....muggy.

I am not a robot.

Ross said...

Felt really good this morning and the WOD was right up my alley hitting my strong points. 5:07 for my time this morning.

Afterwards did the Skill work with HSPU, after an extremely sillying looking over rotation did a few sets with Blue/Green Combo and then moved to the Red/Green Combo, felt pretty good even after the push presses this morning.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Played flag football with the officers this AM - good times.

Did the WOD this PM

9:10 Rx'd

Ed said...


Had a hard time cycling quickly on the push press. HSPU were not so good after this WOD. I did sort out the kip though, a bit tricky to sort out the first time through.

Meg Smith said...

10:24 for me...weight overhead is a goat for me, so I was slower and found myself defaulting to a jerk without even realizing it.

Good working on HSPU, but I'm with Ed...tough after the WOD!

Thanks for letting me program these couple of days...looking forward to what Alex has for us the rest of the month!

Greg M said...

6:20, for me as well. The push press was the limiting factor.

Good handstand work this morning. Looking forward to the team WOD tomorrow. What time is the brief Meg?

Meg Smith said...

Greg, Rob programmed the WOD for tomorrow...best to work through him on how he wants it run.

Matt B. said...

Tdy to yuma this week. Brought plenty of pt gear, but today is the first workout due to flight delays and long commutes. Good to get a workout in finally. Started on todays wod with fancy ivanko dumbbells in hotel gym. 1 round at 40# dumbbells, 2nd round at 30# for press/ 40# squat. By 3rd round "back squats" with dumbbells was getting silly so I subbed in 20 air squats. Subbed leg raises after the abmat chafe began. So last 4 rounds were 30# db press, 20 air squats, 10 leg raises.
Last weekend I mounted a 2x6 with heavy duty brackets to my garage ceiling. I'm almost done with some homemade wooden rings, and I braided an 8' climbing rope this week. Excited to hang up and try out some diy garage gym toys.

Matt B. said...

Thanks for the hspu video. I've been wondering what this kipping hspu looks like. I watched another Laura Galassi jewel on the journal about learning and progressing the mu. Looking forward to trying it out. She has three great series on hspu, kipping pullup, and mu. Highly recommend.

Rich M. said...

Good WOD this morning...but the moron of the day award definitely belongs to me!

I finished what i thought was the WOD at 4:51!! I was reveling in my apparent awesomeness....realizing something was wrong since I knew it took Rob and Greg 6:30...so I look to Jess and said double check me....to which she replied.....that 4 on the board is 4 time......from a distance, I thought it was 4 rounds....when in fact it was 6!

So, with a huge blow to my motivation and not-all-to-well-checked at the door ego, I had to finish the last 2 rounds.....

All total 8:11. I suck again!

Can't wait for the team WOD tomorrow, so I'll have someone there to keep me straight....and grounded!

Debbie said...

6:41 for me, felt good this am and was able to do each round unbroken.

Worked on HSPU with the gang and then headstands which I am no good at but Amber rocked!

Great week but I am tire.

Wade great job coaching this AM, thanks.

Rich V. said...

16 min
200m run
15 x air squats
15 x chest to ground

rob said...

6:34; PP were unbroken but BS were a challenge. I'm just not very efficient with ABMAT sit-ups. Nice WOD.

I worked free hand-stands; still pursuing 10-sec without adjusting hands. Also worked the coach's clinic with Reed in preparation for 14 April Foundations class.

Mike D said...


Struggled with the PP for some reason... Shoulder was sore. I might rest tomorrow.
BSs unbroken.

good WOD; just wish I was faster.

Jimmy S. said...

5:23 for yesterday's WOD followed by 11:00 for today's WOD. That first one took more out of me than I thought.

Good WODs.