Apr 3, 2012

040412 Wednesday

Skill review
- Power clean form
- 3 x 5 power cleans (50% of 1RM) with a coach for feedback

200m run
15 x air squats
15 x chest to ground (emphasis is that hips don't rest on the mat, NON-worming!)


Meg Smith said...

We encourage everyone to do the skill work and lift presented before the WOD, even if it's after you do the actual WOD. It is a great way to work on some technique and get some coaching tips!

For Wednesday's WOD, chest to ground PU are Rx. CFSPU are considered scaled, as the emphasis for the skill is executing a plank push up with full range of motion. In many cases, this means your hips might graze the floor, but will not rest there. For those athletes strong in CFSPU, test your muscles by using them differently!

Julie said...

Another Great WOD! Slow behind the boys today! But, 6:31

Thanks James for the help with the skill work. I am going to try using the band to get my elbows up...great tip!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Followed this up with a 4-mile battalion run. Great way to start the day. Then went to donate blood.

Mark Weaver said...

Nice WOD to get the blood moving


Noah said...

6:03. Curses! Broke 6 minutes because I had to break up the last set of pushups...weak sauce.

Cleaned around at 135 and 155.

Oh yeah, and there seems to be a chalk monster loose in the gym, he (or she) has already coated one of the lifting platforms and a 24" box with a nice layer of the stuff.

james said...

5.27 - thanks to Rob and Meg for the tips on the cleans

Ross said...

Sounds like IMCF Hohenfels will be a cheap date tonight - WOD, 4 Miler, and Blood Donation.... all before lunch, nice...

Took the pooch for a 3 miler this morning hoping to losen up the legs after the past two days - helped a little but I could tell the dog missed me running him for the past three weeks because I drug him up the hill today..

6:04 on the WOD today fighting Noah the whole time for lead position, middle two rounds felt really good but the last sprint just killed me..

Skill work, did Cleans with 135, 155, 155.

Amy said...

6:11 and my body is tired

rob said...

James - if we had done this one together I gurantee we both would be sub 5:20...5:27 for me.

3 x 5 power clean focusing on not pulling arms early.

james said...

It would have been a race up the hill in the last round!!

Greg M said...

PT test for me today. 300 score, I wanted to test my hypothesis of treating it as another WOD with no required rest before hand.

Test confirmed, CrossFit rocks!!

Erin Anderson said...

At Tiffany's front lawn box, 6:09 for Tiffany and 6:35 for myself. I scaled the last round of pu. Those sure work the arms or shoulders differently.

Rich M. said...

5:31. Good times!

Rob Graetz said...

as RX'd, 11:42. Pushups killed my time as I kept breaking them up.