Mar 29, 2012

033012 Friday

Buddy-Team Hero WOD
U.S. Army First Lieutenant Dimitri Del Castillo, 24, of Tampa, Florida, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, based in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, died on June 25, 2011, in Kunar province, Afghanistan, from wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his unit with small arms fire. He is survived by his wife Katie, his parents Mr. and Mrs. Carlos E. Del Castillo, his brother Carlos Andres and sister Anna.



"Double Del"

For Time:
50 Burpees
Run 400 meters with a 20 pound medicine ball
50 Weighted pull-ups with a 20 pound dumbbell
Run 400 meters with a 20 pound medicine ball
50 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters with a 20 pound medicine ball
50 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
Run 400 meters with a 20 pound medicine ball
50 Burpees

One athlete works on the exercise at a time until all 50 Reps are complete, then BOTH athletes run the 400m together with one 20# med ball.

We’ll meet at 0545 at the White Board to split into teams to mix new folks with the people that have been around a while and go over movement standards, etc. Plan to start the WOD at 0550. Would really like people to meet at 0545 to start as one big group instead of a bunch of smaller parties.


Greg M said...

This is going to be a gut check, looking forward to it!!

Ross said...

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james said...

5 sets max reps weighted pull-ups @45 - 5 or 6 per set then a couple of miles in central park.

Mike Anderson said...

Team Anderson - Mike and Darin finished in 33:16.

Great crowd this morning. It's awesome to get a big group for the Hero WODs.

Greg M said...

Team Meg and Greg: 29:29.

Thanks for carrying the load this morning. Meg was awesome, she said she was sick, but then preceded to kill the WOD and carry the team.

Nice job Meg!!

Good WOD for a Hero and his family. Have a great weekend everyone.

Mike D said...

I did this solo on Wednesday. Del was a really good friend of an LT I used to work with. She did 5 Marathons last year for him and others that died last year at West Point.

25 burpies
400m run w/20# rageball
25 pull ups 20# db
400m run w/ball
25 hspu
400m run w/ball
25 chest 2bar
400m run w/ball
25 burpies

I pushed pretty hard and hit the wall about 21 min. Still, I finished Rx'd


rob said...

Team Chris & Rob: 25:32. Excellent workout today in honor of a Hero. It was a great turn out and mixing the teams with someone you don't normally WOD with us was good. It helps me to learn new names and faces

Jake78 said...

Joel Gleason and I did this one this morning, 0515 start time worked better for us, though I wish we could have started with the group.

Did the workout, but did it cooperative vs competitive

Did 25 of each of the exercises togther, if you finished early you get a small break to grab the ball, do the run together.

Great workout
We did it in 32 minutes

Erin Anderson said...

Met Daniel today, slowed him down a bit & he pushed me on the run because he was going to keep up with the teams in front of us. (I guess I am used to getting passed by Tiffany everyday!)

After the WOD I found out Daniel is a senior in high school and he rocked out a ton of pullups and didn't seem to get tired on the burpees!

Thanks everyone for saying hi to Darin!

Rob Graetz said...

Dan K and I got there in 32:13. Thanks to Dan for saving my butt on the runs! Also, thanks to whoever found the huge blue band. That's the only way I can get anywhere on the pull-ups for the moment.

Rich M. said...

Team Rich and Eric, 31:01. Great work this morning Eric and everyone!

Meg Smith said...

Impressed with Greg's version of our team. He carried the ball most of the runs, so I was able to get a little spring in my step for the HSPU. Great WOD.

Paleonola and Rx Jump Rope orders to me by Sunday, please. Don't forget to include your handles, cable type, and cable length for the ropes. I'll collect payment when things arrive.

Mike D said...

First Fran in almost two years...

95# thrusters

No where near a PR.
9:33 rxd
It's a start.

Mark Weaver said...

Reed and I did 25:25 BUT we used the green band for the pull ups and did the HSPU off the box. While we scaled, we kept the pace moving!!!

Greg E said...

Great WOD - did it solo in 40:33 and got destroyed.
Blue band for the last 30 C2B pullups and had to break the weighted pullups into groups of 5.

Great WOD pick.