Mar 28, 2012

032912 Thursday

Games Wrapup
We just completed the CrossFit games and all had a great time. We are closing on the end of year and it will be a busy time. A few months ago we suggested another IMCF games to be held in late April. Now we are seeking your feedback to decide wether we should proceed with along these lines or if people would rather just do an end of year social event. Post your feedback to comments please.

Skill / Mobility Work:
Work for at least 10 minutes on a mobility weakness - focus on a weakness you found during the Games WODs.

Double Unders and AbMat Sit-Ups

3/1 SU/DU Sub.  Try to avoid subbing - work on the DUs.


Meg Smith said...

Placing an Rx jumprope order first thing next week. If you are interested in one, please email me at with your rope needs (handle, length of rope, level/weight of rope).

james said...

Meg - I need to get one but can't get the measurements to you until Saturday that okay?

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Great workout today with the officers of the battalion.

PRT Prep Drill
2x rounds of 10
- Squat jump
- Push-up
- Sit-up
6x rounds of the following every 3 min
- 40sec 5m shuttle run
- 10x burpee
- 25m bear crawl
- 20x sit-ups
- 25m run
4x rounds of team over-under drills
20x burpee pull-ups
50x knees to elbow (like the steam engine but a little harder)
50x walking lunge (per leg)
50x push-ups
PRT Recover Drill

Julie said...

I haven't blogged in a while, so I thought I would today! :) Finally did Annie RXed! YEAH! Not a stellar time, but 11:05. Abmat not a problem, but still working DUs. I could string about 8 together at a time.

james said...

Dispensed with the G3 today - a move two days over due. Went to central park. 3 rft - 10 burps, 50 squats, 25 pushups, 150 foot lunge 15.10

Ed said...

Had a hard time stringing DU today, finished in 7:22 with a good-sized morning group.

Mike Anderson said...

Forced myself to do all the DUs and not sub in SU. Very frustrating mental block on DUs.

13:12. I'll get these eventually, I'm probably over-thinking the whole thin.

Greg M said...

6:30 today, PR by 3:28. I still need to work on my DUs. I was not able to get through any sets unbroken. Good push from the group this morning.

PRs today from Debbie and Rich nice job guys.

Tomorrow we are having our first team WOD in a while. Looking for a good group and some fun times as we honor a hero. More details to follow from Mike A.

Meg Smith said...

James, no problem on the rope measurements--probably going to order Monday evening.

I've gotten a few emails regarding Rx with your handles, cable, and length. I'll take payment after they arrive.

Congrats on all of the PRs today, especially those of you that chose to do the harder DU. That too, is a PR! Faster scaled isn't the goal, Rx is, so congrats!

Looking forward to the team WOD tomorrow!

Rich M. said...

6:08 today...PR by nearly 1:30.

Congrats to my lovely wife for rocking this one RXd! One month ago, she couldn't do a double she's stringing them together! Good job baby!

Good work by Greg and Deb on their PRs!

Mark Weaver said...

Making progress on DU's... last attempt (before break) was 2 stringed together (with singles between) - today I got 4 (with singles)...

slow and steady progress

Debbie said...

7:38 a PR by several minutes.

DU 47 strung together then rounds 30,20 and 10 unbroken. I got my double unders about 6 weeks ago but have been practicing faithfully and it is finally paying off.

Worked HSPU with kipping and was able to do 5 with Greg's coaching. Lots of practice on pullups too. A great morning!

Mac said...

Confined to the garage this morning, so tried this:
For time: 50-25-12-6-3 reps of double unders, reg pushups, and air squats.

Noah said...

7:44 from Graf.

Ross said...


9:17 was very excited today I actually was able to get some good DU strings. I had one for 30 and one for 28 a few more in the teens so they are coming along.. Now only if I didn't look like a caped water buffalo doing them all would be good in the world.

rob said...

7:30 as Rx'd with a big group today. Congrats to all those who got PRs today, especially those who went RX for the first time. I finished with 5 x 5 weighted pull ups (65lbs)and hand stands.

Karin said...

First time doing Annie. Still can't do DUs!! Scaled single unders 3:1 Perhaps a better rope will help. Meg, I'll send you the information this weekend for two ropes. Thank you.

Paige said...

Got almost all my double unders today which is a first. Looking at everyones scores though I think I was kind of slow on my sit ups.

Matt B. said...

12:16 from dc hotel. I subbed towel for abmat, but gave up on towels after a few. Su were slow. I got a du pr, too, with about 30 strung at one point. most strings were 10 or less.

Rich V. said...

Did x3 on the jump rope, then sit ups time 13.20

Erin Anderson said...

10:15. Nice going with a group, thx Deb & Amber.

About doing a games in April, personally I am still sore from the past 2 weeks so my 1 vote goes to focusing on doing wods with group starts, fun friday team workouts and a BBQ.

I am very appreciative to all the Level 1 trainers who graded the open games these past 5 weeks!

Amy said...

6:11 Rx'd
Also did 3 x 10 pull ups and 45 lb OHS, 2 x 10 toes to bar, and finished with tabata squats (did no less than 18 squats per round). I felt like I needed to make up for resting the past two days.

Jimmy S. said...

7:02- PR br 54 sec

Awesome job Greg M. Looks like that Rogue rope is really paying off!!

Greg M said...

I am up for another social event like last year.

Rob Graetz said...

13:40 - did almost as RX'd, except for moving 15 ABMAT from the first set to the last, and subbed 3:1 SU for DU. Need to get my own rope!