Mar 26, 2012

032712 Tuesday

Skill Work: Burgener Warmup

For a full snatch instruction from Coach Burgener - see this video


Snatch: 5-5-5-5-5


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

95lbs across

Worked form to get under the bar with load. Form was okay given the load, but I'm not getting the range of motion I need for greater weight. A good muscle or power snatch, but not comfortable enough yet for a squat snatch.

Ross said...


I felt pretty good on the first set of 135, but when I moved up to 155 I lost my speed and form so I jumped back down to 135 and the last three sets were much better. When I was finishing up there was a CF group starting so I jumped in with them for a 12 min AMRAP of
3 Ring Dips
6 Pull ups
Had to scale the the HSPU but got an even 9 rounds, felt pretty good.

Ed said...


There was enough ugly in the 135s not to go any higher. I'm still not getting the depth in the catch I need, or speed through the middle, or ...

james said...

At the G3 (Giant Globo Gym) in NY. Ironically a CrossFit commercial was on the TV that people were watching from the steppers or while they did their bicep curls....

5 rounds

15 FS @ 100
10 dead hang pull-ups


then tabata pushups

Ed - can you send me your email to - I have changed computers and lost my address book

Arod said...

so.. being the snatch novice that i am, i started with a PVC pipe and the burgener warm up, then did the warm up again with 45lb bar. I then started my snatch progressions with 45lb bar, then 55lbs, 65lbs, 75lbs, and finally 85lbs. still some work to...

Greg M said...


Jacob said...

Warm up with the bar, then 95/115/135/135/145 (kind of). Dropped 145 3 times, twice behind, once in front. Finished with box double jumps and 3 x 20 banded pull ups.

Is anyone changing their work-out times now that electives have started? I am looking for an after lunch break in writing.

Jake78 said...

Snatches felt good today but I kept them light.


Take care all!

Mike D said...

I did the main site Hero WOD. Del was a really good friend of an LT I used to work with. She did 5 Marathons last year for him and others that died last year at West Point.

25 burpies
400m run w/20# rageball
25 pull ups 20# db
400m run w/ball
25 hspu
400m run w/ball
25 chest 2bar
400m run w/ball
25 burpies

I pushed pretty hard and hit the wall about 21 min. Still, I finished Rx'd


Rob Graetz said...

Like Arod, I'm a snatch neophyte (CF Day 2), so 4ea rounds of bar, then 65. Probably could have gone heavier, but figured I'd work on the form this go-round.

Alex E. said...

Did this one with Dan and Paul at CrossFit Culde. Fun times in the driveway.

75-95-105-115-125 then did a one rep PR at 145

Quick question regarding these Olympic lifts for sets. Should it be touch and go or if you rest and reset how long can you rest before it turns into 5 sets of 1 each at the weight?

From Dan, Paul, and I's foxhole we tried to work touch and go (with appropriate form up and down) to keep the set together. We tried to limit to about one breath at the bottom on the upper weights.

Interested in anyone's thoughts. I know we have this conversation occasionally.

Meg Smith said...

Agree on the "do 5 with intention" rather the a set of 5 individual lifts. If, in theory, you're finding a 5 rep max, you wouldn't then use it in a WOD with a ton of time in between each one.

Did my class's WOD from yesterday:
9-15-21 of
Burpee box jumps
Abmat situps
Rest 2 min then
21-15-9 of same.

20:12, burpee box jumps are just a load of fun.

monroe said...

When I work volume sets I will typically do 20-25 lifts at no more than 70% with about 30 seconds between lifts. The intent with this protocol is to work on speed and technique. This method is great for building capacity. It served me well when I had to string several together in 12.2. I think most oly novices and crossfitters in general will reinforce bad habits doing 5x5 at anything greater than 60% of their max. Better to work on speed strength and technique. Set up is crucial to success at heavier weights. Touch & go makes for inconsistent set ups. Your technique of one breath at the bottom is a good compromise.

Mike Anderson said...


I went too heavy - I should have gone down in weight to work on speed and depth.

monroe said...

So...Today I did 20 Snatch at 95# and 20 C&J at 115#, 15 seconds rest between lifts. 40 oly lifts in 9:45 at 60% is a decent expression of a good range of physical skills.
Followed with some goat work, namely TTB.

Does everyone have to type two word twice or is it just me?

Greg E said...

5x5 snatch = 115, 135, 145, 150, 155

10 rounds For time: 07:21
10 pushups
5 T2B

Also More XL IMCF T shirt are available and for sale in Lewis and Clark!

Jimmy S. said...

75, 95, 115, 115, 115, then 95, 75, 75 working on catching in a deep squat.

Looking for help on figuring out the butterfly kip

Tiffany said...


Thanks to my buddy Erin she says "maybe you want to drop back down to 55 to work on your form", in other words your form looks like crap. That's a good friend :)