Mar 25, 2012

032612 Monday

Skill Work:

Sumo Deadlift High-Pull - Starting with good form (flat back, neutral head) moving in sequence - legs, open hips, shrug, pull.  It's a relatively easy lift and we miss the sequencing.


Run 400m,
40 Air Squats
30 Pull Ups
20 Box Jumps
10 Burpees
Run 400m


Rob Graetz said...

Did the on-ramp in December, but tomorrow will be my first real session. Looking for some help to get started, will be at the bubble around 0530.

Greg M said...

Rob G, we can help you.

Look for the red headed guy (Greg) and a short old bald guy (Rob) and we will help you get started.

See you in the morning.


Ed said...

Welcome Rob - there will be a few of us around for sure - I'll try to catch you at the white boards by the entrance.

Meg Smith said...

Big thanks to Ed and Mike for coming in on Friday to grade my class. I greatly appreciate it!!

Looking to start the Coach of the Day rotation next week. Email me at if you are willing to assist once a month.

A group is kicking off the Whole 30 Challenge on Sunday, 1 April. If you want to participate, find the group on Facebook under "Fort Leavenworth Whole 30 Challenge" and request to join. I can do measurements for those folks interested in their "before" numbers. More info available at

Mike Anderson said...

James & Julie-
I'll be at the bubble at 0500.
James-Not sure if you're going tomorrow or not.

Rich M. said...

Mike- Julie will be there.

Meg- I'll volunteer to do some coaching, time/date dependent.

I'll likely hit this one at the house since I have to get to class early in the morning.

Great job to all the games folks!!

Matt said...

What is CFPU

Ross said...

IMCF - Graf

Matt- CFPU - Crossfit Pushup or maybe better known as a hand release pushup. from Push up position Lower your body to the ground in one unit once on the ground hands must break contact with surface then replace and push up again. Someone else maybe able to better explain it.

Felt slow this morning on the workout - by product of German Beer. Transitions were slow to and from the 400m track probably did another 400m just in transitions but still a good workout - only a 12:10 this morning for me from Barvaria.

Rich M. said...

10:08 from Casa Martin CrossFit. I had to use a 20" box, since that's what I have here at the house.

I can feel the effects of 6 weeks of nearly no intensity in my workouts. The wrist is healing, but it's still pretty tender.

Glad to be back doing the full WODs though!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Slow out of the gate this morning.

james said...

Did 12.5 yesterday - 96 reps. Greg M graded me as he has done all games. I appreciate his encouragement and support, he always picks the right time to say "just pick the bar up." Thanks brother.

Fantastic job by the athlete who have only recently discovered C2B pull-ups.

Mike and Julie - I am in NY all week - see you Monday.


Ed said...

Had a larger group again this morning, did the WOD with Greg, Rob, Daniel, Rob G., Meg, Debbie, and Amber.

8:58 as Rx.

Debbie said...

1431 slow but Rx'd.

Had to break the pullups to 5,5,4 then sets of 3 but did them all!

I WILL have 10 pullups linked together before I leave here.

Just saying...

Meg I can couch Mon, Wed or Thurs.


Meg Smith said...

15:18 Rx. Did my last 5 pull ups dead hang bc I could feel my callouses separating from yesterday's C2B and the work today. Pushups were by far the hang up on this WOD.

Appreciate the push of the group today--I saw each hour on the clock last night so it was good to get some motivation through the bone tiredness!

Mac said...

10:35. Great WOD for a monday morning, thanks!

Rob Graetz said...

10:48, scaled 400m-30-30-5-20-5-400m. Day 1 complete! Need to get my pull-ups better, and pace myself on the first run.

Greg M said...

11:10, felt the effects of the games WOD, the push-ups and pull-ups slowed me down.

Thanks for the push from the group and welcome to Rob G.

rob said...

Exceedingly energetic and motivating group this morning. We missed Gwen because we started a little later. I hope to start NLT 0545 with this group everyday; Greg already named them. Welcome to Rob G. who did very well this morning. My running stinks! I couldn't keep Ed's pace on the last 400m, but the up-side is that I know I pushed as hard as I could. 9:14 as Rx'd... and Rob G., I was the guy with three distinctive trademarks; short, old, and bald. Thanks Greg. Keep coming and I gurantee you will experience desirable results.

rob said...

I have a co-worker who would like to link up with someone this afternoon. Eric's been in once in the morning when we did 12.4. Mark, Elizabeth, Steve, (anyone else) will you be at the bubble around 1600?

monroe said...

I'm on leave today, back tomorrow in the PM

Jake78 said...


Not bad, but I need to get more efficient on my setup, lost a lot of time in transition

Rich V. said...

did the below WOD in 23 min:

Run 400m,
40 Air Squats
30 Pull Ups
20 Box Jumps
10 Burpees
Run 400m

Scott said...

10:43. Too much rest, and too much time waiting for treadmill to get going. But a smoker nonetheless.

Finnally got 25 DU's as part of my warm up. Can't string any without singles yet...but some day.

Erin Anderson said...

15:45 - I lost count on pushups so I did a few extra until I lost all form. Deb, thanks for the encouragement!

Mike D said...

Good WOD... I felt the weekend for sure.

Rxd: 12:48

Doug said...

Rowed 500m instead of run 400, but the rest as Rx in 11:50.

Jess said...

Unit pt for me this morning, heard more than a few complaining about having to do burpees, lol! Always fun when I'm in charge!

Jimmy S. said...

11:36; felt better than I thought I would until the last 400m run. I might have been faster walking!

Air Force Steve said...

Did this WoD today. 10:07...gassed for the last 400m Run. Ed - nice time. Debbie...honey...what is couching? I'm concerned!

Rob - just now saw this. I'll be in intermittently, but always willing to help.