Mar 18, 2012

031912 Monday

Skill / Mobility Work:

Pull Ups.  The idea isn't to knock out as many pull ups as possible.  Do pull ups slow, maintaining mid-line stability by NOT craning your neck to get over the bar.

W/ Equipment:
This WOD was designed by Elizabeth Wozniak from Coalition CrossFit, Kabul, Afghanistan who just re-deployed last week.  For her farewell WOD she choose all the exercises that she 'sucked' at or hated to do, thus operating outside her comfort zone.  By the time she left Afghanistan last week she was either excelling at these exercises or doing them RX'd.

3 RFR (rounds for reps)
30 sec HSPU
30 sec over-head weighted step ups (45/25, 24"/20")
30 sec ABMAT sit ups
30 sec weighted lunges - in place (45/25)
1 min row

1 min rest between rounds

The easiest way to score this WOD is with a running count i.e if HSPU for the first 30 sec were 8, start counting the first rep of over-head weighted step ups as 9, 10, 11...

W/O Equipment:
OHS with Suitcase or something about 45 lbs
Run 200 m
(so 21-15-9 of the OHS and Burpees, with a 200 at the end of each round)

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Clean 135 lbs
Ring Dips


Tiffany said...

Does anyone know if the hours are different because of spring break?

Julie said...

Rich and I will be out until Wednesday. Still in St. Louis. See you then!

Mike Anderson said...

Greg -
Are you good for 0600?

Meg Smith said...

Tiffany, I'm pretty sure the hours are the same.

I think I'll be heading in closer to six or so, looking to work out around 0620/30 if anyone is interested in linking up.

Greg M said...

I am good for 0600

rob said...

Scoring for this WOD is total reps/calories for the three rounds combined. You can record your scores per round during thae 1 minute rest.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Subbed DUs (reps) for Row (cal)

HSPU - 10/11/12
Step-up - 6/5/5
Sit-up - 16/15/16
Lunge - 12/10/10
DUs - 37/37/32

Ross said...

Hey everyone great job last week on 12.4. Sorry I did not submit a score. But I will warn you If you are in Odessa Ukraine the affiliate info for crossfit Russia in Odessa is wrong. Went to both map location and called phone number and no one knew anything about crossfit. So for lack of ability to find affiliate here in Ukraine or even a med ball and place to video workout I did not get a submission this week. But I have had a great chance to drink some good Russian and Ukrainian beers. Even did a four mile run in Odessa and a 3 miler in Kiev also found a pool and swam a mile this morning. Hopefully I will be back to regular posting next week when I hit Germany. Have a good week.

Greg M said...

171 - Great group this morning. The steps ups with weight overhead was my limiting factor.

Did some good work on HSPU after with Rob, Ed, Doug, Meg, and Mike.

Looking forward to the last Open WOD this week!!

james said...

Air is a little thin in Colorado Springs


7 dumbell squat cleans @ 35


Ross - the no CrossFit in the Ukraine story cracked me up.

Ed said...

I think I was around 160, I lost count at one point and tried to rebuild my score in my head whilst stepping up onto a box holding a 45-lb weight.

Anyone else feeling the Games WOD in the quads still? Stairs are fun.

Jake78 said...

Friday's Games workout

0 rounds 150 Wall Ball, 24 DU

45lb OHS
200m run

Run was interesting after the burpees ;-)


Mac said...

After a few days of sickness, felt like I needed a little push, so tried this:
21-15-9, with 800m runs between each set
135 lb front squats


rob said...

166 - We had 12 people start and finish this one together. It's always motivating to have a group to WOD with.

We (Mike, Ed, Doug, Greg and Meg)worked on HSPU after WOD. Why we didn't do it before the WOD is a good qeustion! Greg and Meg helped me learn to kip through the HSPU. I've always been ok with HSPU, but with a kip I think I can increase my work capacity a bit. I'm looking forward to the next HSPUs.

Matt B. said...

So do HSPU count officially if I lean against the wall? I got about 8-10 (!) but leaning against the wall, vice unsupported HS.

170 +/- 30 or so. I kept restarting my count on each exercise, then tried to remember where I left off on the last. I missed the watch beep on one and got an extra 15 seconds of work in. HSPU against the wall for first 2 rounds, then elevated pushups for round 3. Subbed leg/hip raises for ABMAT situps.

Met Brian in the bubble, who showed me some pointers for developing muscle ups with a band across the rings.

On today's skill, there was a recent CFJ 3-part series on kipping pullups, by Laura Gallasi. Very good instruction. One takeaway was the importance of keeping the "hollow position" throughout, instead of hips/legs being like a wet noodle. I've noticed it takes far less power (from the shoulder) to kip while "hollow" than before. KStarr and Carl Paoli also did an 8 part CFJ series on "the position;" keeping that hollow position for pullups, dips, etc. as skill transfer to more dynamic, weighted exercises.

Mike D said...

Did the Main Site WOD-

Thought it was 21-15-9 Turkish GUs, 45# bar then run 400m x 5

Got done the first set and was smoked... another guy got me back on track and let me know it was only 21 TGUs then 400m run. Idiot!

Had to finish last four rounds with 35# bar.
44:24 all said. Shoulders are smoked!

Meg Smith said...

150ish--although at one point our 30 seconds was closer to 40. Sadly, that was not during the rest portion. :-) Worked out with Wade, Mike, and Mike (I think!) Met Charles this morning--joining ILE this summer, and a seasoned CFer.

Good discussion about HSPU with a kip. I've been working on them this way for a few weeks now, and like having the option to rely 100% on myself while still partially scaled (I had 2 abmats under my head...can do a few reps with only one).

Yes, Matt, you get credit for using the wall for support--zero expectation of free-standing HSPU!

james said...

Funny to hear folks working on kipping HSPU ..thats what I was doing on the hotel wall this morning

Erin Anderson said...

161 but not sure I transitioned at the correct time each one. Thanks for the group start guys! I would have put that weight down if there was not a group.

Still crazy sore from Fri.