Mar 15, 2012

031612 Friday

CrossFit Games Workout 12.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:

150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

Additional Notes

This workout begins from the standing position with the medicine ball on the floor and the Athlete standing tall. Using an additional ball, box or other object to check for proper depth is not allowed. If the ball is not caught between reps, it must come to a full stop on the ground. Bouncing the ball off the floor is not permitted.

Please be sure to watch the entire workout instruction video for full details. Every rep counts in this workout. Credit will be given for partially completed rounds. You will enter your result by the number of rounds completed, plus the number of wall balls, plus the number of double-unders, plus the number of muscle-ups in the final round (if incomplete). If you do not complete the first round, enter 0 for rounds and then the number of completed reps of each exercise.

Mobility and Strategy for this WOD

Movement Standards
Wall ball

In the wall ball, the medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease below knee, and thrown to hit the specified target.

The center of the ball must hit the target at or above the specified target height. If the ball hits low or does not hit the wall it is no rep.


This is a standard double-under in which the rope passes twice for each jump. Only successful jumps are counted, not just attempts.


In the muscle-up you must pass from a hang below the rings to support above them. A kipping muscle-up is ok, swings or rolls to support are not permitted.

The arms must come to a full lock out (with or without a “false grip”) with the feet off the ground.

The elbows must fully lock out while supporting yourself above the rings..

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Body weight Bench press and Pull-ups for max reps for 5 rounds


Ed said...

Sorry for the long post - so much information for the games!

Meghan Smith said...

Will be available to judge tomorrow as needed until 0730.

Thanks April for offering to come in tomorrow to help with my class. If anyone else is willing, I'd be happy to get a third coach so 3 athletes can go at one time.

A few people are showing interest in the Whole 30 endeavor. If you are interested, let me know--we can add you to the Facebook page and get a group going in April.

james said...

Great post Ed - well played Sir!!

Chris C. said...

Will be in at 07:30 to do,this one as well. Can grade either before or after.

Greg E said...

I will be in at about 1600

Greg M said...

Going around 0545.

james said...

Khalipa scored 298 on 12.4. Scary.

Greg M said...

Neal Maddox scored 328, that is amazing. My money is still on Spealler for this one.

Matt B. said...

I won't need a grader in the afternoon after all. I found a box near my hotel, Triton Crossfit, and knocked out the WOD this afternoon. 229, 11 short of my "great" goal, but pretty satisfied nonetheless. Getting a single MU would have been the "amazing" goal. I really wanted to get through Karen so I could get to something I'm decent at. Did karen in 9:13. I got mid-WOD coaching that I was going way too low in a deep squat and wasting energy. That was hard to correct as it didn't feel right not going down all the way. Probably wasn't using my hands as I should have (esp since my quads are screaming). Also got the tip to get closer to the wall to catch in a more upright position. That did help. Strung a whole lot of DU together, but also got tripped up in places too. Got 79 when time stopped.
Trident was a great place. Definitely a military flavor (esp SEAL), but also lots of folks just off the street too. Haven't been to a cf session where it's run like a class, so that caught me off guard. I jogged the mile to the box, did some more warmup, then they had me fall in on the 6:15 class...and they did more running, jumping, etc for warmup. Then there were three seperate but similar WODs for different ability groups. Most either did 12.4 or the "doing cf for less than 3 months WOD." Folks paired up to count (about 8 going at a time) and three coaches watched across all players for standards. I saw one guy get his first two MU and another beast get about 15 kipping MU. Almost fell down the stairs walking out (quads not working), then hobbled the mile back to the hotel.

Jimmy S. said...

Looking to go in the afternoon if anybody else is available. Should be ready to go by 1330

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

It was bound to happen sooner or later...there would be one of these WODs that I would have to modify from the start because of our lack of equipment (not to mention the lack of a LV1 grader)

So... 238 with 18lb MB(150 WB, 88 DUs, 0 MUs).

Then 30x MUs on pull-up bar with blue band (15x reps) and green band (remaining) assist - 12:56

Greg M said...

Great job this morning by everyone. Watching Ed go was awesome, nice work on the muscle up!!

I watched an old man blow by me this morning on the wall balls, you were killing Rob.

150 WBs/28 DUs for me. I had about 10-12 no reps for height at 10ft, which cost me time in the end for my DUs. I had only 52 secs for DUs, and it took me a while to start getting any rhythm. Thanks for judging me James.

FYI... the bubble will be open on Sun 25 Mar from 1500-1700 for any Spring break folks who need to do the Games WOD 12.5 before the deadline. More info to follow.

Have a great weekend!!

Ed said...

I finally reached my goal on a Games WOD - I got to one MU ... so 241 total score. Now I just have to get better next week.

Huge thanks to Wade for grading, and the cheering section - Debbie, Amber, Greg, Mike, Elizabeth, Rob, Meg ... and I'm a bit light-headed so I surely forgot some.

The 'no-reps' on the WB were killer, I probably had 10 and that added a minute - so there's that second or third MU.

For those going later today - the K-Star video is a stream-of-consciousness piece, but the mobility helps.

Have a great spring break!

james said...

Awesome work Ed!!

Shout out to Greg M, Rob, Debbie and Mike who suffered this morning as well.

Did a quick WOD with Wade. 21-15-9

Deadlift @225


Paige said...

240 for me - L1 was Amy

The wall balls weren't as bad as I imagined (thanks to my long go go gadget arms), but the DU which I wasn't that worried about did not go too well after all those squats!

Debbie said...

240 reps for me and glad it is over!
Thanks Wade for grading and the coaching, much appreciated.
Thanks for my cheering crowd, Meg, Amber and the rest of the gang.

Watching Ed get a muscle-up is one of my best CrossFit moments to date. You gave it your all, well done!

Tiffany said...

Way to go Ed, that is awesome! That must have been a great feeling! We should start video recording some of our games workouts just for fun so we can go back and watch.

Scott said...

NO 20# Med Balls, so I used 12# [the heaviest I could find] and threw it to about 12-14 feet to make up difference. also did 3x Single rope. But, finnally getting some DU's.

150 Wall Ball
270 Rope
20 Pull ups [subbing for MU becuase no rings].

Great WOD. Wore my BFB tshirt today. Lots of compliments and awkards stares--love it.

Friend of mine said one of her NCO's did his reenlistment ceremony at their CrossFit Gym in Okinawa, and then immediately did "Jeremy" as a group WOD and tribute to a lost warrior/friend. Inspirational.

3-2-1 GO.

Chris C. said...

Was able to bang out 245 this morning. Pretty happy with it. Was unsure about the muscle ups after all the work before, but was able to knock out the first three unbroken and the next two as singles. Watching the mobility WOD prep video last night made all the difference. Best muscle up prep I've seen, and without it I wouldn't have been able to even get one. Highly recommend watching if anyone still has to do the WOD or if you just want to get MUs.

Oh, and Luster was my grader.

james said...

Awesome work Chris!!

Greg M said...

Nice job Chris!

Mike Anderson said...

181 for my total. The WBs took longer than I thought and my DUs have been pretty erratic lately.

Thanks to James for grading and enforcing the standard on the WBs.

Cool to watch Ed get through the MU.

Tiffany said...

FYI: A few of us have signed up for the Ruckus Kansas City obstacle course challenge on 3/31. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!

Here's the website for anyone interested:

Erin Anderson said...

Greg E, do you have 12 min. to grade me after you do the wod? Or does anyone else happen to be near the bubble to grade between 4 & 6?

Meg Smith said...

Had the pleasure of watching Ed's MU this morning..Congrats to Ed, Wade, and Chris for breaking through the barrier.

Invited the MWR leadership (Paul M) and his team into the Bubble this morning during the 0930 class. They've given us permission to prop the doors open and get the slider door raised during humidity concerns. Additionally, they brought down a few more of the big fans to try and draw the humid air out of the gym, or to pull better air into it if the case applies. If you run into any problems with the staff, let them know we were given that permission up their chain.

Ed said...

Chris - great work!

Doug said...

Evidently, avoiding an exercise because you dislike does not help you get better at it! 141 for me -. Lots of no reps, and too much picking the ball off the floor. I did the extra 9 plus the 90 du a couple of minutes after to atone for my poor performance :) Thanks to Greg for grading and LTC Mac for cheering me on.

rob said...

Great job in the bubble this morning. Congrats to Ed, Chris, Wade, (I'm sure by this time Steve), and anyone else who got into MUs. A disappointing 240 for me. I had two attempts at a MU and slipped on the dip portion each time.

I brought a co-worker in this morning and he couldn't stop talking about you guys. Not only was he in awe of what 12-min can do to a person, but the camaraderie and sense of 'all being on the same team' was obvious to him. Great job IMCF. We've got another new person coming in on Monday, Justine Rathman. I would like to get a few of our morning female athletes to help welcome her.

J.Gibson said...

So 240 with no MU. My legs look like I got into a fight with a weed eater and lost. I kept whipping myself with the jump rope.



Greg E said...
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Greg E said...

206 for me this after noon... with 56 DUs
I will have DU,s next year!

monroe said...

2 Muscle ups...Oh my. Graded by Debbie O. Thanks Debbie!

Jimmy S. said...

Wow, that was harder than I expected. I was winded pretty early...

Lvl 1- LTC M

Greg M said...

Jacque got 132 today, so proud of her!!

Air Force Steve said...

249 for me, graded by L2 Mark "Wang Wei" Monroe. It was great to have my honey, Debbie,cheering me on with the rest of the afternoon crew. My quads are toast.

Greg M said...

Nice job AF!!

nutt said...

Got through the wall balls with about 10 no reps and about a minute left but I cannot do du. So my total was 153 with meg as my L1.

Noah said...

IronMajor Bavaria...sorry to miss out on 12.4 but no boxes around here. Doubt if I would find rings and a 20lb med ball at an Austrian gym since this is the home of Arnold anyway. Congrats to all who hit all three movements. I will continue carb loading on pretzels and beer. Think well of me.

Bridget said...
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Bridget said...

Gruber WOD 215. The DU's were not my friend, but better form after getting lessons from Mark earlier this week.
Elizabeth was my LV1, thank you for coming in on Sat. & the hubby on clock.

Jess said...

Completed WOD 12.4 at Crossfit Havok- my grader was the owner: John Renken
144 reps This was killer and I almost lost my lunch! This wasn't my strongest effort- very hard to do this on 4 hours of sleep! Anybody going to Ft. Campbell should check this box out though- they are right out gate 2 and have a decent facility. They are a new CF affiliate box and also do MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, etc. The owners were very friendly and had no problem with me coming back and doing some workouts there on my next TDY trip in May.

Matt B. said...

Great job everyone. The hardest part of 12.4 has been going down stairs and standing up the last 48 hours. My quads have been like rubber and I wonder if I look as silly as I feel chasing after the kids. Arches on my feet and strangely the meaty thumb part of my palms have also been killing ever since thursday. 12 minutes that kept on giving, eh?
Just cut and glued some plywood together. Going to make home made rings and hang them in the garage. Also got a basketball and some sand to make a med ball. No relation to 12.4, just been meaning to start on a home garage gym on the cheap.