Mar 14, 2012

031512 Thursday

Skill / Mobility Work
Double Unders

1 Round of Warm up:
Run/Row 400m
15s Samson Stretch per side
10 Overhead Squat (PVC)
10 Pull up
10 Dip
10 GHD/ABMAT Sit up
10 Back extension
10 CFS Push up
+ 25 Double Unders

**CrossFit Games Workout 12.4**

Although we have been doing the Games WOD on Fridays, if anyone needs to do 12.4 tomorrow we can support it. Please post to comments if you would like to do 12.4 tomorrow and the time so that we can plan for coaches to judge.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Push Press:  3-3-3-3-3


Matt B. said...

So... 25 of what the girl did or 25 of what buddy did?

Julie said...

Workout 12.4
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:

150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

Julie said...

Hey James! Are you back in the bubble tomorrow and able to grade me at 515am? Hope you had a great week!

Matt B. said...

Greg, Doug, good call!

Mike Anderson said...

Julie - I can grade you tomorrow.

All - The purpose of tomorrow's WOD is to be loose and have time to work on mobility and skill work. There isn't a time component to the warmup and DUs.

Julie said...

Thanks Mike! That would be awesome! It allows Rich to come in on Friday and grade. See you then!

Chris C. said...

Was going to take a rest day tomorrow. Is anyone going to be in the bubble to grade Friday morning?

Ed said...

I'll definitely be in Friday and can grade tomorrow if needed.

Mike Anderson said...

I'll be able to grade on Friday, also.

Greg M said...

I will be there on Friday and can grade anyone tomorrow morning.

Hoping for my first muscle up!!

Meg Smith said...

Prefer to WOD Friday, but planning on coming in tomorrow to grade as necessary. I can stay until 7:30 each day.

If any L1 coaches are available to help me grade my class on Friday, I'd be grateful for the help. I've got 6 ladies signed up for the Games--I'll plan to kick off the first group at 1000 and the second around 1015. Thanks!!

Greg E said...

Ugh... I hate double unders.

I will be in tomorrow evening after the guest speaker type.

Matt B. said...

Are there any grading opportunities Friday afternoon, sometime between 1330-1630?

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

Greg, can I grab you tomorrow at 0530? I've got to bang out 12.4 tomorrow am based on Heather's work schedule Friday.

Thanks brother.

monroe said...

Matt B., I'll be around Friday afternoon

Matt B. said...

Thanks Mark. What's a good time for you?

Debbie said...

I will be in Friday morning to WOD/grade. Sorry Tiffany, Steve's PT got moved :-(

Greg E said...

I will around Friday afternoon.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

11:46 but doubled the WOD (still one round, but double reps)

Jamie Z's push-press WOD to work form

*realized 145 was too heavy for my goal this AM

james said...

I love CrossFit. 150 wallballs no problem by themselves, 90 double unders not so great but still manageable, some muscles ups, sure no problem. Combination of the 3? lethal.

240 reps. No gas for the muscle ups in the last minute. To round off the morning I met pukie in the car park for a quickie after.

Scott said...

To put WOD 12.4 in perspective--Graham Holmberg couldn't even do one full round. He was 5 MU shy.

Mark Weaver said...

Amazing watching those doing the games WOD today!

I did the warmup and DU work and FINALLY got a DU (big victory for me) and progressed to 2 linked (SU, SU, DU, SU, SU, DU)

Greg M said...

Great job this morning with the games WOD!!

We have to remember, as judges we must have the same standards across the board. If you don't understand them, then watch the video or ask someone. You are not being mean to the athlete, you are upholding the integrity of IMCF and CrossFit.

For this WOD, getting hips below the knees and make sure the ball is hitting above the required mark is essential. The ball must be at rest if you let it drop.

On the DUs, if you fail on an attempt, that rep does not count.

The muscle up you have to start with hands locked out, and your feet must be off the floor with open hips. Then the athlete can transition to any position he deems necessary. Also, the rep ends after the dip, so if the athlete drops, the rep still counts.

If I am off, please correct me, so I am tracking. Not trying to piss any one off, but we have a responsibility as judges to adhere to the standards.

Off the soap box. 3, 2, 1 .... go!!

Ed said...

Greg -

You're not off base, the movement standards are given for a reason. The post for tomorrow will have all the movement standards and pictures included to aid understanding. L1's just need to be clear as well.

I'll admit that DUs are hard to grade, either you're counting really fast (holy cow Tiffany - you were rocking them this morning) or watching to see if the rope passed under both feet to count a rep rather than a fail when the rope gets tangled up.

Tiffany said...

Games WOD 12.4: 240 graded by Ed.

I kept telling myself, I've got to get through these wall balls so I can at least do something I'm halfway decent at! I attempted a muscle up in my remaining 30 seconds and made it to chest level but just couldn't push myself up. This was a good wod for those of us with more cardio endurance than strength.

Amy said...

I'll be in at 1630 for 12.4

Tiffany, nice work! Some people would say throwing a 14lb med ball 150 times to a 9 ft target from a full squat position requires great strength, not just "cardio endurance."

Tiffany said...

Amy - thanks! Towards the end I was having to jump and throw it up like Michael Jordan just to hit the line. Are you starting at 1630? If so I'll drop in :)

Greg M said...

Nice Job Tiffany!

Greg M said...

"When held to a standard, competitors can be surprised to learn where they're falling short." from Testing Fitness and Sports Standards on

Great article today on the CrossFit games website about standards ands scores.

james said...

5th in the world in the mens competition is Brendan Southwick, formerly of B Squadron 2nd Cavalry Regiment. I suppose he is doing okay if he got the same score as Graham Holmberg?

Air Force Steve said...

12.4 for me on Friday around 1630

james said...

Well said Greg M. Muscle ups are a good example - when I normally do muscle ups I cheat at the bottom by never going to full arm extension. Guess what ... on game day I couldn't perform a full arm extension muscle up. In retrospect I was grateful that a coach was there to keep me accountable to the standard,it makes me want to get better and not settle for close enough.

Amy said...

240, level 1 - Roger

finished double unders, rested a whole minute, and then attempted three muscle ups in the last minute with no success. Not surprised at the results as I do not practice muscle ups at all. However, I am close now, so I will be doing them more often.

Amber said...

Great job all! I'm pretty sure Tiffany just hovered on the DUs and passed the rope under her feet a bunch of times as she hovered. That was impressive, friend!

Roger W. said...

240 -- Graded by Elizabeth.

Wade said...

12.4: 241 reps.
L1 grader: LTC Mac. Can't believe I strung together my DU's today to leave some time to gather myself and get a muscle up. thanks for the push from the afternoon crowd! quads are on fire right now.

Matt B. said...

Awesome job competitors!

Meg Smith said...

WADE!!!! Congrats! I'm thrilled to hear you made that MU. WELL DONE. Guess the power of the 'stache came through!

Looking forward to more stellar performances tomorrow.