Mar 13, 2012

031412 Wednesday

Skill / Mobility:
Shoulder Mobility - With the band on the pull up bar, insert your hand and externally rotate your shoulder; pull on the shoulder and contract/relax for 5 sec on, 10 sec off.  Place the band on the bottom of the cage and do the same exercise with your behind your head to loosen up the head of the shoulder


Jamie Z's 0530 Class

For time -
1000m Run
50x 45lb Thruster
30x Pull-ups


Mike Anderson said...

Julie -
I have my APFT tomorrow so I won't be so there in the morning.

Julie said...

Good luck tomorrow Mike! I know you will get 300 for sure. I am sitting out tomorrow too. I need a rest day after running four days in a row and front squats! ;)

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Subbed GHD with incline sit-ups.

Jake78 said...





Greg M said...

Good WOD this morning. Fun to go at with Rob and Meg. Thanks for the push.


I got tripped up on DUs on each round, getting better though.

Thanks for the help on the DUs Lance!!

luster said...

SU x3

Got to work on DUs.

Debbie said...


subbed ab mat sit-ups for GHD due to some back pain
got all my DU unbroken

ran 800 with gang, love this weather!

Soraya said...

Good to be back in the bubble this morning after a crazy last week full of strange schedule conflicts.

5:23. GHDs slowed me down a little, but a nice short WOD.

Meghan Smith said...

5:11 or thereabouts. Spent extra time on the pushups alternating between "elbows in/tricep PU" and "elbows out/shoulder PU" in my new experiment.

I use to never do tricep, now do them exclusively, and have found that "the old way" is really hard now. I'm going to try and balance the two out...just a good reminder that even as we make progress we need to find holes within our own training to be truly balanced.

Greg E said...

RX @ 06:24 this morning.

I still have allot of work to do on DUs

Mark Weaver said...

5:05 with 3:1 SU

Followed up with some front squat practice with Reed. Thanks for the pointers from Alex & Dan

Alex E. said...

5:52 plus no major welts from DUs so that's an improvement.

Dan said...

So, been a little absent from the blog this week... here's my make up:

this morning: 6:27 Rx
then 5x5 press: 85-105-115-125(f3)-125(f3)

Monday just did mob and CFSWU due to yesterday's APFT. Max'd PUs and SUs, and ran a 14:06 - that's a banner day for this guy! Oh, and work outside of our normal programming? Just 2 3-mile runs to acclimate my calves to Merrell Barefoots. So that's my shout out to CF methodology.

Oh, and lastly, I'm still a chunky monkey and get taped. But, for the first time in a _long_ time, I wasn't sweatin' the tape. I actually think my "body fat" measurements from yesterday were lower than they were when I was a 2LT. That I attribute to eating (_way_) better. If you feel fit but just can't beat the excess BF, I definitely recommend the Whole 30 and/or Paleo(ish) eating.

rob said...

Meg, Greg, Debbie, and one other whose name I missed, teamed up for this one. 4:12 as Rx'd. I lost my rope over the weekend so I had to use an extra one from the gym. It didn't have any mechanism to rotate at the handles so after 21 DUs it was a tangled mess! Fun WOD and a good one to get started after about a week of no WODs.

Jimmy S. said...

GHDs really slowed me down

Tiffany said...


Mac said...

4:12. Going from GHD situps to DUs was a neat challenge. If you're really extending your hamstrings on the contraction of the GHD they get pretty stressed, leading to retard-looking DU's (at least in my case).

Greg M said...

So here is my prediction for tonights 12.4 announcement.

Wall Balls
Dead Lifts (heavy)

Any other predictions?

Rich V. said...

For time -
1000m Run
50x 45lb Thruster
30x Pull-ups


Ed said...

Greg - reference Games - we haven't seen squats or pullups yet either, maybe something like FRAN ...

Doug said...

Greg - reference games, in the 12.3 update news thing, Castro mentioned that at least one of the remaining workout's would have cut-off points like 12.2 (i.e. weights or movements that would break people off). So, I'll guess either DL or Squat WOD in some kind of ladder form. Maybe even Thruster ladder. Either that, or some chipperish WOD that ends with muscle-ups.

Scott said...

Did ABMAT SU without Abmat
Single Rope.

Felt like Spealler...just scaled :) Although he probably does this RX'd in 1:30 or less

Matt B. said...

Subbed v situps for GHD. 7:30. Wasnt able to get more than 1 DU in a row with my fast rope. After 11 I switched to a heavier rope and got the rest unbroken. Glad for the fast wod as I had to squeeze it in this morning after a quick cf warmup. May go back later for the shoulder mob and more calf mob. My baby cows are still adjusting to minimal shoes. Kstarr is helping me through it.

We haven't had a max strength games wod yet, nor a true metcon. I predict du and some kind of strength, hopefully not together. Maybe a cf total with no time limit only attempt limits.

Doug said...

Scaled the WOD: 3:44. Chest to ground pushups, but no hand release and a mix of su/du at 3:1.

Also got a 46" box jump, new PR for me!