Mar 12, 2012

031312 Tuesday

Skill / Mobility Work:
Front Squat - not for a lot of weight or reps.  Focus on a good shoulder position, maintaining upright posture, good lumbar curve and driving through the heels and opening the hips at the top.  Have a partner check out 10 good repitions at a low weight.

Front Squat:  10-8-6-4-2

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Squat: 3-3-3-3-3


Karin said...

Justine and Meg, I won't be coming in to the bubble this week or next week. I'll see you again after Spring Break.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Last rep was not FROM as compared to all previous. Would have passed any Globo Gym test, but not 100% to standard, so I astricks.

However, I'm also certain I have never even attempted 205 for a front squat before.

Jess said...

IMCF FT Campbell

Warmed up with a 1 mile run on the treadmill and standard CF warmup exercises then worked front squat- I focused more on form than on weight as my knees are sore and I felt them in the squat.


I could feel my form starting to go a little at 75# so maintained that for the last three sets

Ed said...

I nearly entered the pain cave this morning - right at the entrance. Some mobility issues with my hip/hamstring recurred this morning.

I worked form at 135/135/145/155/175 ... something tells me to expect some kind of squatting for the games wod this week.

Erin Anderson said...

45-95# FS followed by 20 DU each round. Only to be outdone with DUs by Rich with his cast!

Noah said...


Toyed around with muscle ups and handstands afterwards (not at the same time).

Best effort on 12.4 this week for everyone. I will be in Deutchland for the next three weeks.

Ross said...

Ran 3 miles and slow pace

Could have gone higher but after some coaching from Noah decided to work and foot positioning and angle...

Best of luck with 12.4 this week, I am off to Kiev and then Germany. Hopefully I can find an affiliate but may have to try a video submission.

Jake78 said...

Good to see some strength work
Front Squat
10x 135
8x 155
6x 175
4x 215
2x 225


nutt said...

Karin and susi, we missed you. Worked out with Stacy, meg, and Jill. Did 200m run 10 pushups 10 abmat situps 5 rounds
Worked on front squats 45 x 10, 75 x 8, 95 x 6, 115 x 4, 125 x 1 (pr), 145 x 1 (pr) even after being sore from yesterday's wod (thanks Meg!)

Scott said...

115 - 10
135 - 8
145 - 6
145 - 4
155 - 2
165 - 2

did alittle extra.
No excuses, I am cautious and weak. But, getting better. :)

Mike Anderson said...


Kept it light today for APFT tomorrow. Tried some DUs afterwards, but apparently I left any timing I had at home.

Tiffany said...

10- 55
8- 65
6- 75
4- 85
1- 95
1- 105 (PR)
1- 110 (PR)

Tried 115 but failed

Rich M. said...

Had to keep it light because I can't really control the bar.

I worked up to 165 but could go quite a bit more when I get my hand back!

Alex E. said...

Worked on form and load today.

10 - 135; 8 - 145; 6 - 155; 4 - 175; 2 - 205.

Doug said...

Ran 1600 (5:50), 800 (2:54), 400 (1:24), 200(:37), 100(:17) progression then did the WOD. Worked up to 175 for the set of 2 focusing on form. Didn't have much energy after the run workout...

Matt B. said...

Lots of mobility -shoulder, wrist/forearm, calf mashing. Cable machine was great for shoulder mob.
115# x 4, 2, 2, 1, 1
Couldn't keep a good rack. Bar pressing into right clavicle. Switched to cross arm FS.
135# x 5,f,3
135# x 5, 1
145# x 4
155# x 2 (pr? New benchmark)
65# x 4 trying front track again

Dan, I like that interval ladder. Good idea.

Matt B. said...

The post-WOD WOD. AMRAP boneless wings@Buffalo Wild Wings while watching commercials for Cross Fit on ESPN.
24. Tied PR.

Mark Weaver said...

I took yesterday off for APFT prep and took it today. Max PU (73) and SU (76) and ran 13:21 (15 sec faster than my 13:36 for 100 pts).

This is my 2nd 300pt APFT, both here, and I attribute both to incorporating CF into my workout routines (I used to be a 225 type guy).

Thanks for the help, support, and motivation to keep getting better!